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Keto Diet: The Basics, How to Start, and my Early Experience

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Summer is right around the corner and most of us, including myself, are itching to go back to our beach body. I should know, over the past two years of WFH and home workouts, I gained a few pounds aka “Pandemic Gains”. It affected my confidence. And now that restrictions are easing up in the country and summer outings are happening more, I am driven to lose the extra pounds. In doing so, I returned to Keto Diet. You must be wondering about this diet too. Well, let this story help you to know more about keto and my journey so far:

The Keto Journey Begins

Late last year, during one of Cebu Pacific Air’s seat sale, I was able to book flights to Boracay where I will spend my birthday week in June. Now that we are a few months away from June, I decided to take the quickest route- keto diet.

Keto diet or scientifically known as Ketogenic Diet is a diet wherein there is very little amount of carbs, followed by protein, and consisted mostly of fats. In essence, the ratio should be 70% Fat, 20% Protein, and 10% Carbs (less than 50g per day!)

I know, it sounds daunting and difficult especially if you have been sugar-dependent for most of your life. But then again, “no pain, no gain!” Personally, getting back to keto was not a challenge. I have long given up rice. But I wish I could say the same about sweets and beverages. Just like with anything, the beginning is always the hardest. What did I do? I gave them all up one day. No preparations, no doubts. I just did it. I can say that I am now on my first week of ketosis and already lost 2kgs.

What and What Not to Eat in Keto?

Yes, the immediate result is the best thing about this keto diet. Before we go any further, you might be wondering: if carbs are out, what else can I eat during keto? Luckily there are a lot to choose from and here are the basic do’s and don’ts:

Eat these in keto:

◦ Meat

◦ Leafy vegetables

◦ Healthy oil (palm oil, coconut oil)

◦ Butter

◦ Fish

Avoid these in keto:

◦ Rice

◦ Bread, flour, starch

◦ Corn and root crops

◦ Sugar

◦ Processed oil (margarine, vegetable oil)

◦ Sweet beverages

See? It wasn’t that hard! Now that I am in this diet, I also appreciated home cooking. The more I get to cook my own food, the more I get to be in control of what I eat and what I put in my food. It also helps to track the macros with apps such as MyFitnessPal. And yes, results would be more noticeable in no time if you will accompany your diet with workouts! As for me, I do fasted workouts or workouts during my Intermittent Fasting. This way, my body will use up my sugar reserves and be forced to create more ketones. Yes, sugar is the reason we are fat. Evil! Lol

That’s it for now. Come back for more of my journey in keto and next time I will share some tips how to dine-in in restaurants when you are on keto.

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