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Villa Bridgerton Exclusive Preview Welcomes Bridgerton Season 2

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Villa Bridgerton opens its gates to select guests of the ton! Return to the Regency Era and indulge in the drama, gossip, and lavishness of Bridgerton. The Netflix series from Shondaland returns for its second season on March 25. I have been invited to the exclusive preview so let me show you what to expect!

Netflix glammed up a mansion in New Manila, Quezon City to give the guests a taste of the fabulous lifestyle during the Regency Era in which Bridgerton is set in. Tons are very much welcome to roam around mansion and the open grounds to get themselves immersed into it.

I have been one of the few invitees during the exclusive preview and here are some tips to get the most out of your tour:

  • Prepare an #OOTD
    Alright, you don’t have to come in a dress and overdone hair if you are a girl, or a come in tux if you are a man! Come in smart casual. Make sure it’ll look great on Instagram. Remember, do it for the Gram!
  • Practice your poses
    Inside the villa, multiple spots of the house and the garden have been designed to give you the feel of being in the show. You got the living room, the bedroom, the corridor full of paintings, the garden to play croquet in, the fountains, and yes, there will be a carriage. Think ahead how you’ll wanna be shot in these locations!
    villa bridgerton netflix the little binger
  • Take the heat into consideration
    I mean it is practically the summer season and it is an enclosed house with an open area for the garden. Especially if you are visiting in the afternoon, it might get hot. Bring some water or dress accordingly.
  • Book your reservation
    Lastly, make sure to make a reservation of your visit at The venue opens to public from March 25 to April 3!

Once you’ve immersed yourself, make sure to use #VillaBridgerton and tag @NetflixPH on your socials.

villa bridgerton netflix the little binger
Immerse yourself into the Regency Era of Bridgerton 2 | The Little Binger

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