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Kaya Scodelario powers through in Crawl! | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

Crawl: Nature Shows Who Is King

Nature is scary. No, more like terrifying! Imagine hiking a…

Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby, and Dwayne Johnson rock in Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw Is A Nonstop Ride of Humor and Action

Before we proceed with our review of Fast & Furious:…

Enjoy the charms of Yesterday . | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

Yesterday Reminds Us That All We Need Is Love

Alright, Bingers. Answer me this: can you imagine the world…

noir spiderman spiderman far from home

Spider-Man: Far From Home Pulls Off All The Tricks!

So, Bingers, honesty time: are you still reeling out of…

Taron Egerton is a revelation in Rocketman

Rocketman Takes Off To Great Heights!

Elton John. A legend. An icon. Many of us know…

The Secret Life of Pets 2 | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Is Loaded With Fun, Heart, and Adventure!

I had two dogs and now a cat and a…


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Save in 3-easy steps with GCash and CIMB | The Little Binger

Save in 3 Steps with GCash and CIMB

Adulting is hard! I mean, Bingers, that is a given…

Premier Samgyupsal San Juan | The Little Binger

Eat Your Heart Out at Premier The Samgyupsal San Juan

Samgyupsal places are everywhere! They just started popping out in…

Relax at Balay Hilom Spa | The Little Binger

Balay Hilom Spa: Your Oasis in the City

I never missed a day in the gym. I always…

One Tagaytay Place | The Little Binger

My Solo Birthday Escape at One Tagaytay Place

For the past 27 years, my birthdays have just come…

SKYCable x GOT | The Little Binger

SKYcable Bids Game Of Thrones A Finale Fit for A King!

Okay, Bingers. Let me ask you this, who among you…

The Little Binger experienced a hot summer at the Coke Studio Summer Concert!

Coke Studio Summer Concert Fired Up The Season!

Bingers, how did you spend your summer vacation? Did you…


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Today is the start of a new journey. New company, new job, exciting days! But, tbh, I can’t wait to go on a vacation again. I mean, just keep on sailing! 😂🌊
One more day til the weekend but first let me have my coffee break! ☕️😂
You know what’s perfect in this weather? A bowl of ramen!! ✨✨✨
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I am in a love-hate relationship with this rainy season. 🌧 I hate getting wet but I love cuddling up with my jackets and blankets. How about you guys? Stay dry! ✨