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Bumblebee Movie is full of emotions and that makes it the best movie in the Transfomers franchise. | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

3 Ways Bumblebee is Easily the Best Transformers Movie

Okay, Bingers. Confession time: I HATED THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. I mean, sure I watched every single one of them but…

A feast for the eyes and the senses- that's Mary Poppins Returns. | The Little Binger | Credit: Walt Disney Philippines

'Mary Poppins Returns' Sparks Joy

Do you still remember a moment of pure joy, wonder, and innocence? Tell you what, Bingers. I just recently did!…

Netflix Original Series You Special Event in Manila

Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell are Coming to Manila for YOU!

What would you do for love? How far would you go for someone? Well, others are willing to go the…

Black Mirror Bandersnatch | The Little Binger | Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch- Choose Your Adventure, Find Your Ending

Alright, Bingers. If you have been living under the rock. Netflix just released a Black Mirror event. This year, the…


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Filipino Bloggers Network and Metrobuzz Get Together

Start 2019 With a Bang: Filipino Bloggers Network and Metrobuzz Get Together

Happy 2019, Bingers! The holidays are over but not the parties. On Saturday, January 5, Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) together with…

The Flavors and Stories of Bataan

Let’s start 2019 with travel, history, and stories, Bingers! So, got any upcoming travel plans to welcome the year? In…

Segway Launched #TheNextBigETrend | The Little Binger

Ride in Style with Segway!

Bingers, do you love walking? I do! And I do a lot of walking. It takes my mind off of…

Vivo Y95 specs

It's More Than Just a Selfie with Vivo Y95 20-Megapixel Front Camera

Bingers, do you already know what you want for Christmas? Do you wanna travel? Do you want a new game…


If there’s one thing that I enjoyed the most during my recent trip in Bangkok, it’s staring at their structures’ incredible architecture. ✨
What do you usually enjoy in your travels? 😊
It’s never too early to relax out of town, right? You’ll soon know a great place to go to this summer! And yes, it’s off the beaten track. ❤️✨🌊
Mondays: you hate it, I love it. With cups of coffee, pumps of endorphin from my morning workout, and loads of positivity, I make every Monday a party. ✨
Ah, the whirlwind that was 2018. It challenged me in every aspect- personal life, career, and even blogging. Yet in the end, I found myself overcoming all of it. And it would not have been possible if not for my friends, colleagues, PRs, and brands, that trusted me. I cannot wait to face what’s in store for me in 2019! How about you? ✨✨✨
Would you believe that there was a time when I couldn’t even pose in front of the camera because of my confidence issues due to my weight? Well, that’s a thing of the past now. Keeping track of my fitness journey will remain as one of my #2019Goals. What are yours? ✨
Whenever I travel, I see to it that i will soak up the place’s culture as much as I can. My recent travel in Bangkok was a cultural overload. I’m definitely coming back. ✨