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The House With A Clock In Its Walls | Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

'The House With A Clock In Its Walls' Searches for Its Magic

Alright, Bingers, answer this: when you have Jack Black in a movie, what would you expect? Laughters, right? Here’s another…

The Predator | Credit: 20th Century Fox

The Predator Is A Goofy Bloody Mess and I Love It!

You know what, not every movie has to be of such fine quality that critics will rave about it. Sometimes…

John Cho searches for his daughter in Searching. | Credit: Columbia Pictures

'Searching' Is Your Next Sleeper Hit!

The internet is a scary place. I’ve been hearing it for the longest time from my friends, family, and mostly,…

The Nun is a series of half scares. | Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Nun Jumps then Drops

I can’t be the only one who jumped in the cinema whenever the trailer for The Nun plays. I mean…


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OPM shines at Coke Studio Homecoming

3 Reasons to be Excited for Coke Studio: Homecoming!

When you think of home, what comes first to mind? Your favorite dish that your mom prepares? The smell of…

Who said salads are boring? Have fruits with your veggies at Salad Bar!

Dieting Made Easy with Salad Bar

Earlier this year, I started a new diet. I tried to commit to Keto Diet- an all fat, all protein,…

The Little Binger binges at AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2018!

4 FOMO-Worthy Moments from AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2018

For geeks and pop culture fans in the Philippines, AsiaPOP Comicon Manila or APCC is undoubtedly one of the most-awaited…

It's a feast for the fraction of the price at Hawker Chan Philippines.

Hawker Chan Philippines Brings Singapore to Your Plates

Name one Filipino trait that everybody does whenever they visit a new place or country. One that is on top…


Weekends are the only time I get to be lazy at home- watching Netflix, lying around, or just playing with my PS4. Also, Sundays are my recovery days aka cheat days. 🙈🙊😂 But hey, these goodies from @crispyseaweedcrackers are guilt-free!!! 👀
Always find your light.
But as for me who spent most of his life fat, I only learned to find my  spot when I started losing weight. And with that comes confidence and keys to opening doors.
What are your “it’s my time!” moments? ☺️
Even if Sundays are my recovery days, I still put grit on my light exercises. Gotta make each sweat count! 👊🏻
She’s got new rules and she blew our mind. ✨The night was definitely HOTTER THAN HELL! 🔥
Snaps from the @dualipa concert! Thank you, @mmilive for bringing her here. ❤️❤️❤️
So, tomorrow is Payday Friday and you know what it means: TREAT YOURSELF FRIDAYS! 😂 Who also loves samgyeopsal? 👀
I always start my day right by pounding the fats away at the gym. How do you start yours? 💪🏼😊