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My Solo Birthday Escape at One Tagaytay Place

For the past 27 years, my birthdays have just come and go. Just like how I wanted them- no big parties, no huge celebrations, no crowd- just me and my family having dinner at a restaurant or a buffet. To be honest, I never wished for anything grand. After all, it was just a day! This year, on my 27th, I wanted to try something new. I planned to have that special day by myself. I wanted to celebrate it on my own and my initial plans were either to revisit Bangkok or stay in La Union and Baguio. Coincidentally, a hotel in Tagaytay reached out to me, inviting me to stay with them for a night and I thought, “hey! I can spend my birthday here instead!” And that’s exactly what happened. Bingers, let me share with you my experience at One Tagaytay Place! 

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SKYCable x GOT | The Little Binger

SKYcable Bids Game Of Thrones A Finale Fit for A King!

Okay, Bingers. Let me ask you this, who among you were emotional during the series finale of Game of Thrones? Or were you the ones who hated it because their expectations were not met? Either way, one thing is for sure, we all anticipated the grand ending for this HBO series that we followed for over a decade! SKYcable knew how important this moment is for everyone that is why they had a live-streaming event last May 20, 2019 at the Dolphy Theatre in the ABS-CBN compound in Quezon City. And as you may have guessed, The Little Binger, was invited to experience it!

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The Little Binger experienced a hot summer at the Coke Studio Summer Concert!

Coke Studio Summer Concert Fired Up The Season!

Bingers, how did you spend your summer vacation? Did you hit the beach? Had a staycation? Or caught up on your TV shows on Netflix? Well, me? Aside from going to my day job and attending events for this blog, I also enjoyed a night filled with music at the Coke Studio Summer Concert! This is the second time I attended the concert- the first one was later last year at the launch of Coke Studio Homecoming! There would have been a concert last December but something happened which is why Coca-Cola pushed it to summer for a bigger and better concert! The anticipation was worth the wait so let’s head on over to my experience below!

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Hot Summer? Let's Fruitas Shake Muna! | The Little Binger

Stay Fresh, Have a Fruitas Shake Muna!

Bingers, how are you finding summer so far? Is the heat getting into your head? Are you loving the heat? Or is it already stressing you out? Personally, I am in a love/hate relationship with the season. As much as I love basking under the sun, I also hate that I sweat a lot. It’s a personal thing. lol. I sweat a lot that it sometimes stresses me out because it beats my #OOTD freshness! But hey, that will no longer be that much of a problem. I cool down and keep it fresh by shaking it out. Or by simply having my favorite Fruitas shake!

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Spaces Makati | The Little Binger

Spaces Makati Will Spark Your Productivity

What is your working style, Bingers? When are you most productive? Are you the type who’d seclude himself in one spot in the office then work on his deliverables? Or would you rather be with your officemates and have a little chit chat while working? We all have our ways and styles of being productive in the office and that’s okay. Personally, I am a mix of both. There are times when I just want to be by myself and there are times when I get chatty while working. Recently, I discovered a co-working space just a few blocks away from our office in Makati and I knew then that I will be a regular. Bingers, if you are also working around the area, check out Spaces Makati!

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 | The Little Binger

FIRST LOOK: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

Hey, Bingers!

Last year, we saw fresh and binge-worthy series on Netflix such as Santa Clarita Diet, Altered Carbon, and You. But one series that I particularly loved was Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! The Riverdale spin-off took on a much darker and wickedly fun route. It did not hold back on the thrills and blood. The first part of the series ended on a high note and it left me craving for more. I bet you did too. Well, Netflix is bringing back the series this April 5 and here is our first look at Part 2. Read more about FIRST LOOK: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

Arts and Food at Erin's Artists' Lounge and Cafe | The Little Binger

Dine and Craft: Erin's Artists' Lounge and Cafe

Answer me, Bingers: when I say Cubao or more particularly, Araneta Center, what comes first to your mind? Probably Araneta Coliseum or Gateway. As for me, it’s my go-to place every weekend: Today X Future. But hey, I recently found a spot perfect for foodies and artists! And it is right at the heart of Ali Mall. Yup, you read that right. The historic Ali Mall is still alive and kicking and even had a fresh spot- Ali X! The newly-renovated area of Ali Mall houses Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Cafe! I visited the place recently, tried their food, took lots of photos, and yes, I’m definitely coming back! Discover more of what this pretty cafe has to offer!

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Kwentong Jollibee Valentine's Series | The Little Binger

Have Faith In Love with Kwentong Jollibee Valentine's Series

Bingers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is really in the air. Whether you are recently heartbroken, happily in a relationship, or contently single, you cannot deny that this is the season for kilig.   knows that well which is why they gave us three stories that will restore our faith in love. The Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s Series returns this year and Jollibee exclusively screened them for the members of media at the Bonifacio High Street Central Cinema in BGC! I attended with my friend and fellow blogger. The directors and the cast were there to present their works and even shared their own hugot stories! My friend and I both felt the love and the feels from the videos and you should too! Find out below what the stories are and share in the comment what your favorite is, okay?

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