Hello there, Binger!
Welcome to my portfolio-turned-blog! How are you enjoying your stay so far? Great? Great!

So, who is The Little Binger?

It’s this guy. I am!

the little binger
I am The Little Binger.

Hi! I’m Dale- an advertising professional by day and a blogger by night (and on weekends!) I am a self-confessed geek. Movies and TV series are my weekend buddies. I have a soft spot for dogs and I own a cute one, one recently passed away. Coffee and matcha make me happy, so let’s share a cup or two over plans for a collab? 🙂


The Little Binger started off as my writing portfolio. It was not long ’til I discovered that there’s more to it. From then on, it evolved from a humble writing project into a passion project. I like to binge on experiences, food, and pop culture and you can expect to read them all here.

Let’s collab? Hit me up at adpalisoc@gmail.com or fill-up the form below. 🙂