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Ready to binge, Bingers?

Who is The Little Binger?

Hi! I’m Dale Palisoc- an advertising professional by day and a blogger by night (and on weekends or whenever I got a spare time). A geek at heart with a never-ending hunger for the cool stuff. Movies and TV series are my weekend buddies. Coffee and matcha make me happy, so let’s share a cup or two over plans for a collab? 🙂


The Little Binger started off as my writing portfolio. It was not long ’til I discovered that there’s more to it. From then on, it evolved from a humble writing project into a passion project. I like to binge on experiences, food, and pop culture. Expect to read them all here!

The Little Binger was initially a pop culture-centered blog. My passion for film and TV series inspired me to start this but as I got more connections and exposure in the local blogging scene, I discovered that there is more to it. From a film blog, I then expanded into a lifestyle blog. I have partnered with several brands including Coca-Cola, Netflix, and GetGo among many others. Part of my lifestyle niche is travelling as I have been invited by resorts and tourism groups to feature their establishments on my site.

I am not just a blogger, I am also a content creator. Aside from creating blog posts, I also share stories via photos on my social media accounts Facebook and Instagram. My tools are Canon M100, iPhone 7, and Canon 1100D.

Let’s collab? Hit me up at or fill-up the form below. 🙂