Hello there! Welcome to my revamped blog. As you can see my previous posts are gone due to some kinks but it’s all good, The Little Binger is now back stronger and with better content.

So, who is The Little Binger?

It’s this guy.

the little binger
I am The Little Binger.

Hi! I’m Dale- an advertising professional by day and a blogger by night (and on weekends!) I am a self-confessed geek. Movies and TV series are my weekend buddies. I have a soft spot for dogs and I own two cute ones. Coffee and matcha make me happy, so let’s share a cup or two over plans for a collab? 🙂


The Little Binger started off as my portfolio. When I opened this blog, I was just trying to build a writing portfolio. It was not long ’til I discovered that there’s more to it. It then evolved from a humble writing project into a passion project. I like to binge on experiences, food, and pop culture and you can expect to read them all here.

Let’s collab? Hit me up at adpalisoc@gmail.com or fill-up the form below. 🙂