Ibagiw Creative Crawl 2022 - See Baguio City in a Different Light

Ibagiw Creative Crawl 2022 - See Baguio City in a Different Light

Reading Time: 5 minutes

For most of Filipinos, Baguio City is a go-to place for a quick escape or a weekend getaway. I mean, it is very accessible whether by private vehicle or public transportation. Personally for me, I visit the city at least once a year. Each of my visit are met with my constants eat, relax, and shop. But this year, my visit shone a different light to Baguio City. I started seeing Baguio City as a creative hub. For this month of November, Baguio City is celebrating its culture and arts with the Ibagiw 2022 Creative Festival. Read more!

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Boracay Travel Soon? Here's What You Need to Know!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s about time we resume our travel plans, right? I mean after two years of lockdown and quarantine at home, don’t you think we all deserve to reward ourselves with a nice trip? And give myself that is exactly what I did in June during my birth month! I flew to Boracay with my family and that gave me a sense of normalcy! So, if you are planning to go to Boracay as well to enjoy the waves, here’s your guide and everything there is to know!

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How I Renewed My Driver's License in One Hour in 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the Philippines, there are lots of valid IDs one should have the moment they reach 18. Among those are Postal ID, Passport, and Driver’s License. I have had my Driver’s License since I was 17 as a Student License and upgraded it to Non-Professional the moment I reached 18, and because I drive our private vehicle. For many, the whole process may sound exhausting because of the old process. But not anymore! I was able to renew my Driver’s License with a 10-yr validity in less than an hour. Here’s how!

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