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The Joker Laughs at the Just Released The Batman Deleted Arkham Scene

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Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, released the deleted scene from the movie. The 5-min clip entitled “Deleted Arkham Scene” gives us our first look at this version of The Joker. Watch it below:

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

In this deleted scene, we see the Batman dropping boy the Arkham Asylum and questions The Joker (Barry Keoghan). If you remember from the movie, the Bruce Wayne was trying to profile the terrorist, The Riddler, who has been disrupting Gotham. In his quest, and due to The Riddler’s elusiveness, he sought the help of one of his nemesis.

Keoghan was initially credited in the movie as the Unseen Arkham Prisoner. And now, he is confirmed as The Joker. This is by far the scariest looking Joker in the movies. His looks and mannerisms here is reminiscent of The Killing Joke. And that would actually be a nice inspiration for the next two movies in this current Batman universe! It is exciting to see how his character will play a bigger role in the next movies but for now, let’s enjoy this deleted scene from the movie.

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