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How I Converted My Cancelled Cebu Pacific Flights to Travel Fund

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I lost count of the days we have been under quarantine due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. April is ending in a few weeks and there is still no sign of COVID-19 fading away anytime soon. So with that said, we might still be locked up inside our homes or be cautious when going outside. Unfortunately, this affected lots of our plans. Personally, mine are several travel plans and one of which is my Bangkok trip this June.

I was supposed to return to Thailand for my birthday celebration but it still looks unsafe and the travel restrictions are still tight. So, I had no other choice but to cancel my flight.

Good thing is Cebu Pacific allows passengers to convert their cancelled flights into Travel Fund. Let me share you how to do it. Trust me, it’s really simple!

  1. Find Your Flight 
    To do this, log in to Cebu Pacific Air. Find the flight that you are going to cancel under My Bookings. After that, hit Manage.
  2. Convert to Travel Fund 
    Once the page reloads, click the last tab and hit on Cancel Flight. Do not forget to tick both Departure and Arrival!
  3. Confirm and wait. 
    After cancelling and converting the flight to travel fund, wait for a confirmation at the next page. Now that you have it in your account, you can use the travel fund on your next booking.

There you have it, Bingers! While it is sad to have a cancelled travel plan, we have to be more understanding because it is not safe to travel around with a virus still in the air. But hey, at least we still have travel fund which can be used for future flights, right? Here’s a tip: I first had a travel fund when I had to cancel my flight to Boracay but it was closed for renovation. So, instead, what I did was I waited for a sale and booked for a local flight.

So, how are you, Bingers? Do you have flights affected by COVID-19? What did you do? Where? Let me know in the comments!

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