Armandos Garden Resort | The Little Binger

Relax Off The Beaten Track at Armando's Garden Resort

Bingers! Are you ready for summer? Got those plans yet? Have you booked your hotel reservations yet? Do you already know where to go? But most of all, are you ready to experience traffic and a huge crowd in, say, La Union or Baguio? If not, well, let’s go somewhere new, somewhere off the beaten track. Let’s head up north to Nueva Ecija at Armando’s Garden Resort! We got the details so make sure to read this one!

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Pawikan Festival | The Little Binger

Pawikan Festival and the Beauty of Bataan

Ready for more adventures, Bingers? On the first part of my Bataan experience, I shared with you the food and stories of the pretty province of Bataan. I am sure most of you craved for more. Well, wait no more because on the conclusion of my entry about this province, I will share with you the main reason we were invited by Bataan Tourism- the Pawikan Festival. But it’s not just all that, Bataan Tourism also toured us to a must-visit destination in the province, giving us a taste of the history of our country- Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Excited? Well, let’s get to it!

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The Flavors and Stories of Bataan

Let’s start 2019 with travel, history, and stories, Bingers! So, got any upcoming travel plans to welcome the year? In this stormy weather, most likely, many of us would want to just stay at home and cozy up for the remaining days of our holiday break. But once the sun starts to shine again, you might want to head up north and indulge in the beauty and history of Bataan. Last December, Bataan Tourism, invited me along with other blogger to witness Pawikan Festival and take the best of what the province has to offer along the way. Read up as I share with you the great things that made me fall in love with the humble province of Bataan.

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Lemon Grass Hotel Singapore- Discover The City in a Different Way

This is a weird thing for a lifestyle, entertainment, and travel blogger like me to say but I have never been to Singapore. I have never even been out of the country- well not until December when I visit Bangkok, Thailand. Most of my travels happened locally. However, most of my friends have visited Singapore and the most common sentiment from them is that it is a expensive place to visit! There are Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands among the top-rated tourist destinations. There is so much to do in a day for a traveler. And there is no better way to cap off a night than to stay in a great accommodation.
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Winning GetGo members can relax in the fresh ocean breeze while enjoying a stunning view of the clear blue waters surrounding the island.

Experience an Exclusive Island Life from GetGo

Summer is just a few months away and the beach will always be our go-to destination. But sometimes we just can’t fully enjoy it to ourselves because of a huge turnout of visitors. I experienced this a lot which is why it has become a habit of mine to hit the shores during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowd. To a point, I even wished of having an island paradise to myself! Well, GetGo may just make that happen with their Exclusive Island Escape promo!

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FIlling Station Makati

Eat and Shoot: Retro-Themed Restaurants in Metro Manila

Most millennial nowadays are crazy about the newest Netflix teen-drama, RiverdaleIt is a loose adaptation of the hit comic book ArchieTeen romance, family drama, and mystery fill the show, making it easy for everyone to fall in love with it. But aside from the series’ interesting plot, people are also crazy about its aesthetics. Particularly, by the neon lit-retro signage at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.
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Magellan's Cross 2

Solo Backpacking Guide in Cebu City

Earlier this year, I booked a flight for the first time. Since I am a new solo backpacker, I decided to travel locally instead. I narrowed down my choices to Cebu City, Davao, and Kalibo. After a thorough research, I picked the Queen City of the South. Travelers call it a traveler-friendly city. For aspiring solo travelers, continue reading for a quick and easy solo backpacking guide in Cebu City.
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