Taipei: Getting Lost in Sights and Taste – a 4D3N Experience

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Buckle up, Bingers! It’s been a few weeks since I visited so let me revisit my sponty solo trip to Taipei. From the moment I soared into the sky on a Cebu Pacific flight, I knew this journey was about to serve up a whole lot of awesome. Join me as I spill the tea on my four-day Taipei escapade—packed with Insta-worthy moments, drool-worthy eats, and all the vibes!

Day 1: Ximen Extravaganza

Touchdown in Taipei and straight to the fab Hotelshere Ximen. Picture this: neon lights, quirky street art, and the buzz of the Ximending district. Since I was still early for check-in, right after I dropped my bags and did a quick freshening up, I headed for the Liberty Square which was the first stop—a history lesson with a view. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the National Concert Hall set the stage for an epic Taipei experience. As I strolled along the park and checked Google Maps for nearby attractions, I saw that there was a museum nearby. Boy, did I enjoy seeing dinosaur skeletons!! I might’ve stayed there just short of sundown.

And oh, the night had just begun! Shilin Night Market, where the food game is strong. Oyster omelets, sweet potato balls, stinky tofu—you name it, I ate it. Taipei, you had me at first bite.

Day 2: Trains, Waterfalls, and Jiufen Vibes

All aboard the hype train to Shifen and Jiufen! Did I even go to Shifen if I did not light up a sky lantern? Majestic AF. Jiufen’s Old Street? Like stepping into a Studio Ghibli film. Back in Taipei, Raohe Night Market turned the evening into a street food carnival. Dim sum, bubble tea, and all the feels.

Day 3: Gondolas, Pandas, and Ice Cream Dreams

Day three kicked off with the Maokong Gondola ride. Panoramic views, check! Taipei Zoo was a wild ride of its own—pandas being the rockstars and penguins, the party animals. Ice cream at Maokong? Iconic! Back in Ximen, the city lights twinkled, an’d so did my eyes.

Day 4: exploring the streets, and loads of shopping

Taipei is famous among tourists for its sceneries, flavors, and culture. But another thing Taipei known for is shopping. Lucky for me when I visited, the exchange rate for NTD to PHP was low. It was almost 1:1. Personally, I am not the type of traveller to pack a lot and bring a lot of souvenirs home. My rule is just to get few pieces of local delicacies, a ref magnet to add to my collection, and some snacks that I can only find in their supermarket. I have been advised by sister to not miss Carrefour. It is like their SM Supermarket, according to her, and she was right! I had a blast going around that I found myself leaving with three bags, majority of which are boxes of pineapple cake, nougats, and boxes of chocolate-coated boba. Ohmygod, typing it now i am already craving. But here’s a tip, these desserts are also offered at Mr. Ho and they give a lot of freebies.

Since my visit was about to come to an end, I had to make sure I get some Taiwanese breakfast to seal the deal. By that I meant having some fresh cold soy milk, a crispy bread, and bacon omelette. And no, these are not the usual hotel omelette. It’s more like a wrap. Just when I thought I am already full, I realized I still have some space for a boba milk tea. And of course, I headed to Xin Fu Tang and got myself a cup of milk tea. The store in Ximending pulls off a show where they prepare the boba behind a glass window. The smell of caramelized sugar will never not pull you in and crave for a cup.

Right after this food adventure, I headed back to my hotel for some freshening up before I checkout. I also made sure that I do not go beyond my paid baggage limit. I almost did.

I know, my visit in Taipei was beyond short. But hey it was one that i enjoyed a lot. I mean no drama here. It is a country that’s very easy to go back to. One thing’s for sure, on my next visit, I will stay longer and allot some days to explore other areas such as Kaohsiung via the bullet train.

Til the next adventure, Bingers!


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