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4 Tips to Take Great Photos When Travelling Solo

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First of all, Bingers. Yes, I know. We are still on lockdown and most of the world is still following a tight travel restriction. But that does not mean that we cannot plan our future travels yet, right? Our optimistic selves are set on hitting the road or the air soon. But whether you want to do travel with your friends or family or make memories by yourself, one thing is certain: we have to take great travel photos of the destination, the food, the place, and of course, ourselves for Instagram! But how to do that when you are a solo traveller? Well, let me share you some tips on how to take great photos when travelling solo!

I am fairly new to travelling solo. My first was in 2017 when I flew to Cebu for a weekend vacation because I got a ticket on sale. And it was my first flight! So, on a journey of firsts, I was so nervous. At the same time, I told myself that I will not settle for selfie shots. I have to pose for the camera and here are some of my tips:

Bring a tripod / gorilla pod.

This has got to be the most basic of all. Since we do not want to settle for selfies, we have to make the most out of our cameras. And that is possible by putting it on a tripod or a gorilla pod. Yes, tripod can be a hassle because it can be bulky and take so much space from our baggage. But there are foldable tripods that do not take much space. Just like the one that I got from Lazada when I went to Bangkok.

Now imagine me carrying a tripod around Bangkok. But to be honest, it was worth it. Or if you are the “travel light” kind of traveller, you might want to look into gorilla pods. This handy equipment is perfect because you can just twist its part and latch it onto an object. The downside, however, is that it is short. Unless, you can find a high spot, then you should have no problem.

Find a stable platform or a flat surface.

Now that you have your equipment to stick your phone or camera into, it is now time to look for the perfect spot to place your gorilla pod or tripod. As for me, I have tried placing them on the steps of the stairs, on top of a rock, and on a branch of a tree. This one really is a test of creativity! After placing your camera, set the timer and run to your spot. This part may take a few tries before landing a shot perfect for your feed! Keep on trying!

Be friendly.

As for the last two tips, these are perfect if you do not have a tripod or a gorilla pod on your travel. So, let’s start it off with this: be friendly! In a new place, there is a high possibility that you are not the only tourist or the only solo traveller. In fact, I made friends this way. I approached fellow travellers and asked them for a favor to take photos of me. And as courtesy, I offered the favor in return in which they usually appreciate a lot!

Be confident.

Lastly, now that you have approached someone to take your photos, you have to make the most out of it by delivering one fire pose after another. Don’t be shy. Imagine you are in America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks consistently shouting at you, “SMIZE!” “Don’t be a no-neck monster!” After all, every travel is one of a kind so make it a memorable one!

There you have it, Bingers. I hope these tips provided you with some ideas on how to take non-touristy photos next time you will travel solo. Not that I’m saying that selfies are bad, it’s just that they are not Instagram-worthy. You know what I mean? lol That’s it for now, guys!

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  • Thanks for these tips! Sometimes I regret not having good photos in some places na pinupuntahan kasi hindi ako ganon kagaling kumuha ng magandang anggulo haha gagawin ko ‘to kapag nakagala after pandemic.

  • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tips for taking a great photo when we travelling solo , well- appreciated I enjoy reading your blog ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Waiting for your next blog

  • Never ko pa na-try mag travel ng solo pero gusto ko yun maranasan. Yung gusto ko pag-aralan yung kumuha ng mga magagandang photos… usually kasi kung sino man ang kasama ko sila lang lagi tagakuha ng pics… nginig kasi kamay ko kaya medyo di ok ang mga pics. Hahaha… Thanks for sharing these tips for my future reference. 🙂

  • Hello Dale! Your tips are on-point. Although I have yet to experience traveling solo, I can picture myself doing these tips when I do. Especially… Being friendly! That way, we can also interact with strangers and locals.. Which is also good for our solo traveling.

  • Awesome! Taking of these tips for my next first legit solo travel. Haha! I need to improve my “being friendly” skills and confidence . 🙂

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