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Eat and Shoot: Retro-Themed Restaurants in Metro Manila

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Most millennial nowadays are crazy about the newest Netflix teen-drama, RiverdaleIt is a loose adaptation of the hit comic book ArchieTeen romance, family drama, and mystery fill the show, making it easy for everyone to fall in love with it. But aside from the series’ interesting plot, people are also crazy about its aesthetics. Particularly, by the neon lit-retro signage at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

It is no surprise to see a re-emergence of the pink and green neon lights on everybody’s Instagram feeds. The retro-themed restaurants and places are hot now and we found spots where you can have your Riverdale-themed photoshoot and enjoy great food at the same time! You’ll no longer have to go to Riverdale. You’re welcome. 

  1. Filling Station

    Address: 5012 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

    Located in the heart of Makati’s budding food hub, Filling Station is an easy-to-miss restaurant. Chance diners and explorers are most-likely to find this by entering an unsuspecting shop.

    Poblacion is now teeming with new restaurants to choose from. Each of them has items on their menu that make them stand out. Food quality alone is no longer enough. It is also now a challenge how they can deliver a memorable experience to their customers. Filling Station secured this part in the bag! The stairway leading to the restaurant section is propped with vintage movie posters. The dim-lit corridor is filled with vinyl records and different memorabilia.

    The dining area has two parts: a bar/smoking area and an enclosed one. We have yet to try the bar section because we opted for snacks at the time. The main dining area is adorned with more vintage movie posters from Casablanca to Goodfellas. Each table has a retro payphone. A parked top-down car is the main attraction. Had we known that customers can eat there, we would have sat there right away.

    Comfort food is what they do best. They have burgers, fries, pancakes, sandwiches, and even local dishes such as tapa and tocino. I ordered pancakes while my friends ordered onion rings and milkshakes. They taste great but the serving is so much more satisfying. Heavy eaters would love it!

    We discovered it in the afternoon but for Riverdale-perfect shots, it would be best to come here at night. That’s when you will fully take advantage of its neon light aesthetics.

  2. Boutique Burger Kitchen

    Address: The Fort Strip, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

    Whenever I go to Fort Strip with my friends, we go there at night and for one reason: to have fun. Dining out is the least of our concerns. But one Friday night, my office mates and I were supposed to head to Puzzles for some games but then we saw this pretty little restaurant sandwiched between clubs.

    retro feel boutique burger kitchen
    The interesting aesthetics got us in and we did not regret any of that. Its pastel blue and white theme was visually striking and oddly relaxing. I felt at home at the get-go. Their menu is inspired by American dish- milkshakes, fries, burgers, with one exception GELATO!

    The health-buff in me took over which is why I opted for the healthier option- fish and chips and Oreo milkshake. The flavorful battered fish fingers went well with its garlic-mayo dip while the Oreo milkshake was sinfully satisfying.

    Vinyl records and movie posters completed the retro aesthetics of the restaurant. It did not have neon lights but the wooden and the texture of its paint resonated an old-school restaurant vibe. And so, we did not miss this chance to take some photos.

Have you also discovered other retro-themed restaurants in Metro Manila? Are you planning to visit these soon? We’d love to hear about your experience and see your photos! 🙂



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