American Made Movie Review

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In Doug Liman’s American Made, Cruise shows no sign of stopping as he plays for both sides- the CIA and the Medellin Cartel.

By now, we would have thought that Tom Cruise has done every possible role there is. Well, he saved his family from world-invading aliens, accomplished the impossible, and recently unearthed and fought an evil mummy

Crazy fun

American Made is partly based on a true story of a former TWA pilot who got bored with his job and landed a job with the CIA instead. CIA Operative Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson) recruited Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) for a special project for the team. He had to fly a spy plane and take photographs of insurgents in Central America.

Tom Cruise in American Made
Credit: United International Pictures

It was not long before a larger entity took notice of him. The Pablo Escobar-led Medellin Cartel forced him into bringing in drugs to the US shores in exchange for a hefty payment. When CIA knew about his side gig, instead of letting him go, they gave him another task. Seal became the catalyst for the Iran-Contra deal by flying in guns to Nicaraguan anti-rebels.

The cartel, American Made
Credit: United International Pictures

American mess

It is surprising to see how this murky and messy setup resulted in a non-stop energetic movie. There is no doubt that Tom Cruise had fun doing it and it shows in the film. His grinning and aviator-wielding character packed all the charm that the film with a pretty convoluted plot needed. The series of events that took place may seem far-fetched but the film presented them in a believable way. Seal despite all his beaming personality is still a family man who wants to provide for his wife and kids.

Domhnall Gleeson in American Made
Credit: United International Pictures

American Made proves that there is no stopping Tom Cruise from shining and running in this snappy and fast-paced action-comedy film!


Director: Doug Liman
Cast: Tom Cruise, Domhnall Gleeson
Binge-level: 4 out of 5 stars.


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