Holiday Boredom No More With These Games at

Holiday Boredom No More With These Games at

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Happy Holidays, Bingers! It’s the most exciting time of the year, yes? Festivities, parties, and of course, lots of food! And as for us who are working in the office, this also means a 2-week holiday break! Have you planned how you are going to spend it? Personally, I am just spend it at home with my family and pets and maybe watch lots of movies and series on Netflix, then play games on the side. Speaking of games, what are on your queue? I am currently enjoying Pokemon Brilliant Diamond on my Nintendo Switch. Honestly though, it can get exhausting at times. I need a break. So I’ll try a different game. I’ll go to to play some of their chill and FREE games! Read to know more!

What’s Your Game

If you remember, I have talked about the games that I enjoyed on few months ago. And now, I have found new ones to enjoy with. And that was an easy decision because the site updates their games practically everyday. So whether, you are a casual gamer or a nostalgic one, there will definitely be a game that will suit your taste.

Me? I would describe myself as a casual gamer. I want games that are commitment-free and I can go back to when I got time. Don’t judge me and my age but I am so enjoying Tetra Blocks right now. It reminds me of the old-school game Tetris but only now with few twists to the mechanics! And I love the neon-look. It looks so modern!

tetra blocks tetris
Tetra Blocks | Holiday Boredom No More With These Games at

There was one time last week when I opened the game post-meeting only to find myself playing it for almost an hour already! Luckily my boss did not notice. lol

But if something from the past is not your thing, that’s cool too! Because as I have said, Plays has a HUGE library of games. Just take a look at their Category list!

Holiday Games for the Holidays at

Christmas is just around the corner and it is undeniable with Christmas lights and decors everywhere we look. So, why don’t we add some more to the spirit? Enjoy some holiday games! I discovered some at and I found few that I enjoyed. But the one that I found playing a lot of is Santa Bomber 3D. Do you remember the classic Bomber Man? It is very similar to this but the theme is Christmas and you will be playing as Santa. Another fun thing about it is it is in 3D, unlike the top-view that we enjoyed the classic game!

santa bomber 3d
Santa Bomber 3D | Holiday Boredom No More With These Games at

Initially, I had a difficulty adjusting to the POV but then moment I have gotten used to it, I played rounds of the game! Why don’t you check it out yourself?

So, Bingers! I am pretty sure with these game recos, your holiday break won’t be boring and ordinary unlike in the previous years! Go check it out now and do let me know in the comments which games you enjoyed!

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