Pagtatag Finale – SB19 Concert from the POV of a New A’Tin

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PPOP is undeniably on the rise. After being overshadowed by KPOP for years, the Filipino music scene, or better yet, Filipino Pop music scene is now finally finding it’s much-deserved flowers and spotlight. From the bubblegum pop of BINI, to the nationalistic beats of ALAMAT, and of course, the head-thumping sounds of SB19, there is a music for everyone in this flourishing genre! As a long-time TWICE fan (ONCE), I found myself singing my heart out to MAPA and covering the Gento dance challenge on my Tiktok. So, it was just right for me to attend the Pagtatag Finale concert of SB19!

Coincidentally, I was in Osaka when the ticket selling for the two-day concert happened. I started to accept that I will not be able to watch the boys live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Luckily, my friend was also planning and hoping to attend the concert. After almost an hour of nervous booking, we got GA tickets and the rest, as we know it is history.

So jump to D-DAY and we are at the Araneta Coliseum giddy to enjoy the electrifying performance of the boys. First of all, I was astounded by the amazing stage design. It is at par with the KPOP concerts I have attended such as BLACKPINK Born Pink and TWICE Ready to Be! I thought, PPOP is ready for Philippine Arena!! And the concert started with deafening screams from A’Tin, including myself! The first song is the crowd favorite, Gento! Performances of other hits such as Bazinga, Mana, WHAT?, I Want You, and the new chart-topping, Moonlight featuring Terry Zhong. After the performances, the boys took a quick break by bantering with the fans, in which I realized, I am living for their energy! Filipino performers are on totally different level!

Soon after, the individual numbers happened. Pablo did his latest LSS-worthy track, EDSA. Josh performed Yoko Na, Justin with Surreal featuring Gelou of YARA, Ken with an emotional rendition of Kanako, and lastly, Stell with his new track, Anino paired with Maestro Louie Ocampo.

Just as the night was about to end, SB19 electrified the crowd with Sumayaw Ka with none other than Gloc-9! It wasn’t long til the concert ended with my favorite hype song, Crimzone!

My first PPOP concert experience was rightfully with the Kings of PPOP. And that night, I told myself, no other group deserves this title other them! I cannot wait to see them perform live again. SB19, you made a huge fan in me that night. I am now officially an A’Tin (and a sisiw. Yep, Ken/Felip is my ultimate bias! Haha)

Hoping to see BINI in Biniverse soon. More tickets please!


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