4 Ways I Beat the Work From Home Midday Boredom

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How is it going, Bingers? Still feeling the lockdown bore and trying to adjust to it, even when we are already a year into it? Well, same. To be honest, I am still trying to get accustomed to working at home. I mean, I already got my laptop, my WiFi, and even my recently renovated working at home spot. But do you know what I really miss the most? In-person human interaction!! Endless Zoom and Teams meetings just won’t cut it. And yes, I get bored midday mostly and here are how I beat it!

4 Tips to Beat Work From Home Midday Boredom

  • Play a game or two
    Since March 2020, my house and my laptop has been my office. My usual chit chats with my officemates have turned into words in our little group chat and everything has turned virtual. And yes, it totally took a toll on me as a textbook extrovert! lol Imagine how hard it was. So, immediately, my way to beat the boredom in the middle of my shift is to play games on line. Recently I discovered a site with lots of free and fun online games! There are tons to choose from but there are two that I have always gone back to: The Pug Game and Pipe Mania!!! For a moment, they gave me the laughs!
    Find the Pug at Plays.Org | 4 Ways I Beat the Work From Home Midday Boredom | The Little Binger
    Find the Pug at Plays.Org | 4 Ways I Beat the Work From Home Midday Boredom | The Little Binger
  • Grab a snack
    Do you know what they say about being hungry? Maybe it was just our brain’s way of telling us that we are bored. How about we turn that around and say that we are bored because we are hungry? Sounds about right, yes? So whenever I feel like my brain is going somewhere during work hours, I take this take to grab a snack, say a pack of nuts or a cup of black coffee. Most often than not, I feel energized to return to work after!
  • Workout at work
    Okay, this one may not apply to all, especially to those whose work schedules are mostly loaded. Lucky for me, mine is not that intense as I get to have some downtime to pick up my pair of dumbbells and squeeze in my workout of the day. I sometimes even do my circuit during meetings. Just don’t tell my boss! lol
  • Have Netflix in The Background
    This one is probably the most exciting one. Since I am at home, and my work station is in the living room, I get the luxury to turn on Netflix while working. Through this, I have been able to finish a couple of series and movies by simply multitasking it with my work!

Now, don’t you find my tips fun and easy to replicate? Try them too and I wanna know your experience in the comments!

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