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Don't Worry Darling - It Is Too Good To Be True

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It is no secret that Don’t Worry Darling made a lot of buzz for its behind the scene drama. I mean, who wouldn’t be caught up with all of that? It’s a true spectacle! But I am not gonna lie, prior to seeing Olivia Wilde’s second directorial gig, I literally had no idea what the movie is going to be about. And boy, was that a great mistake! Don’t Worry Darling surprised me in every turn and I am going to be lying if I will say I did not love it! Without further ado, let’s get onto my review of the film.

A Perfect Life Don’t worry, darling

The movie introduces us into the 50s era where the husbands go out each day to provide for the family while the wives tender their homes, do chores, and cook meals for the family. A perfect depiction of the American life. Situated in a neighborhood where everything is where they seem, nothing could go wrong. Or could there? 

Alice (Florence Pugh) is a devoted wife to Jack (Harry Styles). The couple, while new, have already adjusted to the community. Their relationship is something anyone would aspire for. They live next to Bunny (Olivia Wilde) and her husband Bill (Nick Kroll).  

It would be easy to assume that the conflict to the story would be the typical adultery. I mean a neighborhood full of good-looking individuals, that really isn’t far fetched. To my surprise, the problem is much much deeper and so much kore sinister than anyone can expect. And yes, without spoiling anything, the corporation Victory has a large role to play. 

In Don’t Worry Darling, If It’s Too Good To Be True, Think Again

Without going much into the plot and spoiling key details that may ruin your viewing experience, Don’t Worry Darling does a masterful job at establishing a scenario, taking us in for a comfortable ride, only to be dropped from the top in an instant. It is more than just a crazy roller coaster ride. 

Thanks largely in part to Pugh’s exceptional performance, I felt like I was her when things started taking a wild turn. Her already top-notch acting in Midsommar is amplified some more in this movie. Also, I couldn’t care less about what the others are saying about Harry Styles’ acting but he really made me believe his role. Of course, another favorite of mine in the movie is Gemma Chan! 

I will be going out on a limb here but Don’t Worry Darling is officially one of my favorite releases this year (in a while even!) The story is unpredictable. The music is intensifying. And the setting and performances are remarkable! The film is so much more than just its off-camera drama. I wish I could delete it from my memory so I could experience watching it again for the first time! 


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