"Triangle of Sadness" - A Delicious Boat Ride

"Triangle of Sadness" - A Delicious Boat Ride

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Weeks before the release of the Swedish filmmaker, Robert Ostlund’s latest film, Triangle of Sadness, I started reading and hearing nothing but positive reviews about it! Some are about the story while some praises for the cast, especially our very own Dolly De Leon. So, when I received the invite from TBA Studios for the premiere of the film as the opener for this year’s QCinema International Festival, I was ecstatic! And the film met every expectation that I had! Continue reading for my thoughts about the film and some of my experience during the opening night!

The opening night of the 10th QCinema happened on Nov. 22nd at the Gateway Cineplex. Key individuals in the industry attended including Ricky Lee and of course, Mayor Joy Belmonte to give her opening remarks. Shortly after the introductions, the film started rolling.

All Aboard the Triangle of Sadness

The film kicks off with the first set of protagonists- the couple Carl and Yaya. Both are struggling fashion models/ influencers whose relationship is in a seesaw ride. Riddled with financial problems and some trivial relationship blunders, they were easily established to be at the center of the plot. And it was not long until they got aboard a yacht for a luxury cruise and got THE ride of their life. This yacht is now the setting for two-thirds of the film. With its vastness is a spectrum of characters- a businessman, a retired couple, and the housekeeping crew.

"Triangle of Sadness" - A Delicious Boat Ride
“Triangle of Sadness” A Delicious Boat Ride

I particularly love how the film created a mini world to showcase the pyramid or hierarchy of individuals- from the richest sitting comfortably on top up to the servers and cleaners at the bottom. And the film did not shy away from tackling this said hierarchy. The dialogue between characters played around- both explicitly and implicitly- with these ideologies. One might even think that the film is a social commentary!

Time to Invert the Triangle of Sadness

As we progressed through chapters of the story and saw the amplification of social caste within the ship, we developed more emotions and attachments towards the characters. But due to one event during the trip, everything will change! After a nauseating turn of events we are now left with few survivors stuck in an island to fend for themselves. And as expected, the rich survivors had no survival instinct to make it out alive in the wild. Thankfully there is one housekeeper to keep them afloat, Abigail, played by none other than Dolly De Leon.

Remember that scene from Captain Phillips? Yep, there was this moment of “I am the captain now!” that brought the entire cinema clapping and yelling! And this was just the start of many audience-blazing scenes from the movie.

"Triangle of Sadness" - A Delicious Boat Ride
“Triangle of Sadness” A Delicious Boat Ride

Triangle of Sadness is an experience of its own that is best enjoyed with an audience-packed cinema! Clap, cheer, feel fear, and get dizzy all at once! The story did not stutter in delivering a message but made it successfully in such a way that it did not feel preachy! The performances of the casts are something to watch out for as well! When they gave praises about De Leon’s role, I saw where they were coming from the moment the credits started rolling. Needless to say, Triangle of Sadness is one delicious boat ride that you would not want to miss out on!

It opens in cinemas on November 30th. Follow TBA Studios on social media for schedule.


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