plant vs undead beginner

Beginner's Guide to Plant vs Undead

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This pandemic locked us inside our homes for the longest time. And because of that, a lot of us discovered many things. Some got into a new hobby. Some learned new recipes. And some of us found ways to earn money. I have done all of it. And just recently, I got myself into the world of crypto. My first NFT platform? Plant vs Undead. Are you also planning to get into it? Well, look no more, because here are the tips that I learned as I tried to know the ropes of it.

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is one of the emerging free play-to-earn blockchain games. It is the same concept with Axie Infinity but it employs a different gameplay. Think of Plants vs Zombies! But since the game is still in its early phase and still trying to gather players, the game is currently in Farm mode. With the release of version 2.5, players are starting to earn plants or NFT that they will be able to use in the PVP mode or game itself. But wait, don’t be intimidated. Let’s start with the basics.

How to Start in Plant vs Undead

So, if you are like me who has practically zero knowledge about crypto but want to get on this game, it is essential that you have the necessary accounts for crypto. First and foremost, you have to create a Binance account. This is where you will buy crypto or tokens that you will use in the game. PVU is using BNB or Binance Coin to purchase the in-game token called PVU. Also, every individual who will get into crypto should also have a Metamask account for protection of their money. Think of it as your wallet. You can have this as an extension on your browser or as an app on your phone. Personally, I have both for accessibility.

Now that you have secured a Metamask account and loaded it with enough BNB, it is time to start at Plant vs Undead. To start, you must create an account by connecting your Metamask to the game and Pancakeswap in order to buy PVU tokens with your BNB. After this transaction, you should be able to start your farm.

plant vs undead beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Plant vs Undead | The Little Binger

Starting a Farm on Plant vs Undead

Alright, you might be wondering how much should be the initial investment for PVU. It varies but the most ideal is to have 5 PVU which if you will then convert into in-game’s currency (LE or Light Energy) will be about 750 LE. This should be enough to get you the following: 1 Sunflower Mama, 1 Pot, Water, and Crow.

To be updated on the current value of PVU, make sure to regularly check Coingecko. This should give you a rough estimate on how much you should shell out. Now you have the starters. All you have to do is plant your sunflower in a patch of land, make sure to water it twice (it can be done at the same time but be sure to water again by 8PM PHT or 0:00 UTC), and regularly check for crows.

A Sunflower Mama should be good for harvest after 6 days and it will reward you with 850 LE. After your first harvest, it will be up to you how to rotate your funds until you earn enough LE and get your first NFT. As of version 2.5 LE cannot be converted to PVU unless a player has at least one NFT. So make a plan how to circulate your money in the game.

So there you have it, Bingers. Plant vs Undead is a good starting point for those who are planning to get into blockchain games. It is still in its early phase and exciting things are sure to come. But before I end this, let me remind you that investing in games like this is very risky as crypto is a very volatile market. Happy farming!

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