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Be Healthy, Avoid These 5 Unhealthy Foods

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How are you doing, Bingers? Is the lockdown treating you well? Is your mental health doing okay? Take a break. How about your physical health? Workout. But you know what, as I have been saying in the past, being healthy is part workout, part diet. And if you wanna be healthy, you should avoid these 5 unhealthy foods. I may not be an expert but trust me, after losing more than 30 kilos, I should know. 🙂

As you all know, before the pandemic, dining out was part of our habit. I mean, step out of your office, there’s a restaurant outside. Bored? Walk for a quick grub. But did you know that when you are bored, you are more likely to indulge on treats. And most of the time, they are not healthy. Here are the

5 unhealthy foods to watch out for:

  1. Softdrinks / Soda
    First off, our favorite carbonated drinks or soda are our go-to drinks whenever it is hot. They are cold and they are sweet- perfect thirst quencher! But did you know that a can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Yes, 10! So, if you are curbing your weight, you might want to look somewhere else to relieve that thirst try flavored water or sugar-free iced tea.
  2. Cakes / Pastries
    Answer me this: it is snack time, what are you going to get? Most often than not, we’ll end up having bread, pastry, or a slice of cake for meryenda. And that is okay. Well, that is if you have spare calories for the day. As for me who counts my daily caloric intake, I try to sparingly have my serving of cakes and pastries because flour-based food have starch and sugar is starch. So, you follow my drift?
  3. Candies
    Need I say more why this food is unhealthy? It is sugar overload. Period.
  4. Chips
    Enough of sweet foods. Sugar is not all that bad anyway. But do you know what else is bad and stops us from living a healthy lifestyle? Salt. Salt, in proper amount, is good for our body. But having too much of it can affect our health. One effect of too much salt in our body is hypertension.
  5. Processed meat
    What is your favorite breakfast food, Binger? Mine is fried egg + fried rice + hotdogs! Better if the edges are toasted. Hotdog, chicken nuggets, burger, and ham are okay. They are really yummy and filling. But did you know that these processed foods are not good to our body when taken daily. That is because they are high in sodium! So, if you are trying to work on having a healthy lifestyle, try to limit your intake of these foods!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Beko

Bingers, you know what? It’s not that hard to live a healthy lifestyle. As for my diet, I learned how to watch my food. I avoided fastfood and processed meats. I learned how to cook myself. I even did my groceries! With Beko, it is also easier.

Here’s how to do it: buy your groceries at the supermarket and pick the freshest produce. Buy a Beko fridge freezers and stock them up there. Watch some cooking tutorials on YouTube. Fire up your burner or heat the oven for the meal of the day.

Back when I was still living in a condo, before our company announced a WFH arrangement in March, I made it a habit to prepare my packed meal on a Sunday and that should last for the whole week!

Easy, convenient, and thrifty. Smart living for a healthy lifestyle! Do you have more tips to add, Bingers? Do let me know in the comments!

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