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2Wheel- The Best Motorcycle Helmets for Small Heads

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Best Motorcycle Helmets for Small Heads

When you have a small head, it can be difficult to find a helmet that fits well. Since a snug helmet is essential for your safety, it’s important to find one that doesn’t slide around once you put it on. Even if you’ve struggled to find the right size in the past, there are things you can do to make sure you buy the best-sized XS motorcycle helmets for your head. Here’s what you should know about shopping for the best small helmets.

What Makes a Great Motorcycle Helmet?

There are a few main styles of motorcycle helmets. They are full-face, ¾ helmet and ½ helmet. The most protective of the three types is the full-face style. It provides optimal coverage for your head and neck and can help keep you protected in the event of a wreck.

Another feature of a great helmet is high-quality material. You want to make sure your helmet is made with materials that can withstand a hard impact against the pavement. You also want to make sure the buckles and any other components on the helmet are made to last. The cheaper the helmet, the cheaper the materials typically are. That’s why it’s usually best not to go with the lowest price available unless you know that the materials are sufficiently durable to keep you safe.

Finally, a great motorcycle helmet fits properly. To make sure you’ve found a good fit when shopping for XS motorcycle helmets, check with your fingers to make sure there are no gaps between the brow pads on the helmet and your temples. You should also make sure the cheek pads don’t press uncomfortably into your cheeks, but do rest gently against them. If there’s a neck roll in the helmet, it shouldn’t be so large that it pushes the helmet off the back of your neck and leaves your neck exposed.

Difference Between Shoei and Arai Helmets

Are you wondering what is the difference between Shoei and Arai helmets? Though both brands have great reputations, they are a bit different from each other. The more you know about their differences, the easier it will be to determine which brand is the best fit for your preferences.

The two helmets have different shell constructions. Arai has a proprietary shell design that uses Peripheral Belt technology. This, the company says, makes the helmet a better choice for impact resistance. Arai helmets are also hand-made, which is a point of pride for the brand. Shoei helmets are also known for their proprietary design, which focuses on rider comfort. There are five or six layers in each Shoei Advanced Integrated Matrix shell.

Another difference between the two helmets is the fit. Shoei helmets are designed to fit 80% of the population, thanks to their intermediate oval shape. But if you have an extra-small head, you may find that the Arai brand fits better. Arai makes three head-shape options: long oval, intermediate and round.

If you’re looking for the best XS motorcycle helmets, you can’t go wrong with Arai. Try on a few Arai helmets today to find one that fits like a glove.

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