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5 Quaranthings To Do This Summer Lockdown 2.0

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Surprise, surprise. We are now on the second year of the lockdown in the Philippines due to the pandemic. And yes, if you are like me who is within the NCR+ bubble (Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, and Laguna), we are on ECQ. This means we are required to stay at home. Well, that sounds boring, does it? Here are some quaranthings or things to do during this summer lockdown 2.0.

Binge on These Quaranthings Ideas

  1. Unleash Your Inner Chef
    I am pretty sure that it is still fresh in your memory and taste buds. Last year during the first year of the lockdown, we discovered the food trends that we are still in love with now: dalgona coffee, ube cheese pandesal, basque burnt cheesecake. These are just some of the many lockdown foods that we tasted last year.

    Dalgona coffee again? | 5 Quaranthings To Do This Summer Lockdown 2.0 | The Little Binger
    I mean, being stuck at home for long was new to many of us and we had a lot of time to play around in the kitchen. So, for lockdown 2.0, open your fridge and plug in your airfryer because who knows, you might start the latest food trend!
  2. Read up!
    As Mama Ru always says, “Reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL.” So, in between our work from home schedule and house chores, why not open a book and read a novel? Last year, I have been able to finish two novels and that is already a feat. Now, I am planning to finish three novels and several graphic novels on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.
  3. Renovate your home
    I know, this sounds a bit expensive. But if you got the spare cash, this might be a good time to pursue your home renovation project. Like what I did last year. Since I have been working from home since March 2020, the first thing that I did was setup a workstation at home. I picked our living room so I could have the TV turned on while working.

    I bought a desk and an office chair. I also setup an aquarium then another tank. And now, I am fully accustomed to it. Redefine feeling at home.
  4. Burn Your Carb
    I have mentioned this countless of times. Prior to the lockdown, I lived a very active lifestyle. I never missed a day in the gym. But then the pandemic happened and my gym had to limit the customers per session. And the nearest Anytime Fitness branch to our place is about half an hour drive. Home workout | 5 Quaranthings To Do This Summer Lockdown 2.0 | The Little Binger
    To somehow still meet my burns, I looked for online workouts and apps. I particularly love Les Mills and Blogilates.
  5. Lose Yourself in the Game
    What type of a gamer are you, Bingers? PS4? Mobile? PC? or Switch like me? This is an exciting time for gamers because no matter what your platform is, there surely are exciting games lined-up for you. I used to have a PS4 and now considering getting a PS5 myself. Yep, that is despite my ever-growing backlog of games on my Nintendo Switch. lol Genshin Impact | Credit: mihoyo | 5 Quaranthings To Do This Summer Lockdown 2.0 | The Little Binger
    If you are a mobile gamer, you might also find yourself hooked on Mobile Legends or Genshin Impact! To be honest, I have been waiting for Genshin Impact to be available on Switch because my friends are so into it!!

So, how are you planning to spend this lockdown 2.0, Bingers? Share your quaranthings in the comments!

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