4 Tips To Survive in Metro Manila This GCQ | The Little Binger

4 Tips To Survive in Metro Manila This GCQ

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SURVIVORS. READY! We finally reached the end of Enhanced Extreme Community Quarantine or EECQ in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It is now easier for us to go out, return to work, and do the essential tasks with lighter restrictions. But as we all know, no mass testing happened over the past two months and the curve is far from flattening. Hundreds of positive COVID cases are still recorded per day. We are torn between staying safe but stuck at home, and embracing the new normal and face the dangers of being outside. No matter what your choice is, there is no denying that the implementation of GCQ is going to be terrifying. So, let me share with you 4 tips to survive on the outside world this GCQ!

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Top Sites And Apps To Keep Your #FitnessGoals with Home Workouts | The Little Binger

Top Sites And Apps To Keep Your #FitnessGoals with Home Workouts

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Hi there, Bingers! So it’s been almost 3 months since we got on lockdown due to COVID-19. Since then, we spent every single day at home because we are restricted and it is not safe. In fact, I already finished lots of TV shows and movies on Netflix! I have done a rewatch of my favorite series and even tried new ones such as Thai BL and K-Dramas. But you know what it is not healthy to stay stagnant. We still have to keep on moving. The big question, however, is how to do it? Especially now that gyms are closed and it is terrifying to jog outside (not to mention the summer heat!). Lucky for us, I found some apps and YouTube channels that help me stay on track with my fitness goals. Bingers, check out these sites and apps for your home workout! And yes, if you also don’t have equipment at home, there’s no need to worry!

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Lockdown Boredown? Try These Quaranthings-To-Do!

Lockdown Boredown? Try These Quaranthings-To-Do!

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Hey there, Bingers! So two months in and we are still on lockdown because of COVID. Are you as bored as I am? Well, we got no other choice because it is not yet safe to go out there. Do you know the saying “so much to do, so little time”? It was once a cliché we could all relate to. But these days, such seems to be inapplicable, for most of us are at home due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). With more time on our hands now, we ask, what more can we do to stay productive? If there’s anything we are learning from our current reality during this time, it is that we can now do what we’ve always wanted to accomplish in the comforts of our home—be it baking, cooking, gardening, and other hobbies we had no time to learn before. Interested? Here are some activities you may want to try to make the most out of the ECQ period.

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How I Converted My Cancelled Cebu Pacific Flights to Travel Fund | The Little Binger

How I Converted My Cancelled Cebu Pacific Flights to Travel Fund

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I lost count of the days we have been under quarantine due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. April is ending in a few weeks and there is still no sign of COVID-19 fading away anytime soon. So with that said, we might still be locked up inside our homes or be cautious when going outside. Unfortunately, this affected lots of our plans. Personally, mine are several travel plans and one of which is my Bangkok trip this June.

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Ortigas Art Festival 2020 | The Little Binger

LOOK: Ortigas Art Festival 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bingers, do you enjoy visiting the museum amd gazing at the artworks on display? I do! Everytime I go to a museum and enter an exhibit, it’s like I enter a new world. The immersive visual experience relaxes me and transports me somewhere else. Lucky for us, Ortigas opens its gates once again for the third year in a row at the award-winning Ortigas Arts Festival. The festival aims to expand Filipino’s art consciousness and knowledge by bringing in masterful art works and pieces. Bingers, here are more reasons for you to check out the Ortigas Art Festival 2020 in Estancia Mall in Ortigas.

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Pound and Make the Mega Move with Mega Tuna! | The Little Binger

New Year, New Look With the Best Mega Tuna Yet!

Reading Time: 3 minutesBingers, the first quarter of 2020 is almost over but how are we faring with our New Year’s Resolutions? Are we seeing any progress or are we taking some time to get into it? Well, no matter what your pace is, it’s okay! No pressure. At your own pace. But you know what, I shared with you at the start of the year that I want to be more serious with my fitness journey. And I am! I still regularly go to the gym, keep an active lifestyle, and most of all complement my hardwork with good diet. Alright, good diet means taking out fastfood and processed food as much as I can. Luckily, my favorite tuna brand is now more enhance- not just in its packaging but also in its tuna goodness. Bingers, know more about the best Mega Tuna yet!

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