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"Permission To Dance": The Wait Is Over. BTS Releases a New BOP!

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It really is a happy Friday and fellow ARMYs because the boys of BTS just released a new track that is a BOP! We are now on our 7th listen to “Permission to Dance” and it’s just so fun!

If you have been following the group, Suga kind of spoiled the news about their next track following the HUGE success of Butter. The boys were talking about the collab with Ed Sheeran but Suga dropped the title and then the ARMYs waited eagerly when it would be released and now we have it here.

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Permission To Dance’ feat. Ed Sheeran Official MV

“Permission To Dance” and Its Oozing Optimism

The track is BTS’ third English track after the hit “Dynamite” and “Butter”. The latest track is no different in terms of style but while the first two were more funky this is more pop with the arrangement and the words, thanks to Ed Sheeran who the group collaborated with.

The music video establishes the song as more of a summer anthem with its setting in a dessert and the boys being in cowboy outfit. Apart from exhibiting their smooth choreography and undeniable chemistry, the MV also shows snippets of different people in face masks dancing to the beat.

Permission To Dance is fun, a vibe, and is definitely going to be a chart-topper. It is one of those songs that will make you hit the “repeat” button on Spotify and find yourself singing to it next. (In fact, I am now singing “na na na na, we don’t need permission to dance” as I write this article. )

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