Filipino Films Will Soon Be on Netflix

Filipino Film Invasion on Netflix!

I know you’ve been waiting for this for the longest time, Bingers. Filipino movies are set to invade Netflix in the next few months. And starting November, it will start with an interesting line-up. Are you excited to know what these titles are? Read on!

Netflix Philippines will soon house critically-acclaimed and blockbuster Filipino movies. On top of our favorite global titles and Netflix originals, we will soon be able to watch titles that are produced and loved here in the country! First off, let’s start with…

  1. Heneral Luna (November 1)

    Feel the wrath of Heneral Luna on Netflix
    Feel the wrath of Heneral Luna on Netflix

    Top-notch acting, impressive cinematography, gripping plot, this 2015 historical biopic is a certified classic. Heneral Luna is directed by Jerrold Tarog and stars Epi Quizon, Leo Martinez, and the excellent John Arcilla as the titular character. If this is a telling sign, we can also get Goyo a few months from now at the streaming service!

  2. BuyBust (November 15)

    Feel the thrill of BuyBust on Netflix!
    Feel the thrill of BuyBust on Netflix!

    Filipinos love action films and BuyBust does not disappoint. An anti-drug squad finds themselves trapped in a Manila slum when their operation is compromised. Anne Curtis delivers an outstanding performance as an officer fighting for her life. I still remember how much new-found respect I had for Anne Curtis after the movie and I will soon be able to relive it again at home!

  3. Kita Kita (November 16)

    Feel the kilig in Kita Kita on Netflix
    Feel the kilig in Kita Kita on Netflix

    Well, there will be two less lonely people in the world. Set in Japan, this rom-com has captivated international critics and audiences alike. Tour guide Lea suffers from heartbreak and goes blind after finding out her Japanese fiancé has been cheating on her. Enter the wickedly charming Tonyo to save her from misery. Come for the movie’s witty dialogue, stay for the on-screen chemistry of lead actors Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez. Kita Kita will kilig your heart out.

It does not stop there! More local films will soon be added to Netflix Philippines’ library. Among them are: It Takes a Man and a Woman, Seven Sundays, Starting Over Again, That Thing Called Tadhana, The Breakup Playlist, The Mistress, and Praybeyt Benjamin!

Get those Netflix subscriptions now, Bingers!!


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