Celebrate Milestones with Camella

Celebrate Milestones with Camella

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Camella, the top-of-mind and preferred housing brand in the Philippines, celebrates significant milestones this year under the helm of Vista Land, the country’s largest integrated property developer. The company’s commitment to nurturing and sustaining customer loyalty underscores its dedication to creating developments that keep family and community life in mind. 

Camella is honored as the Best Developer in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao by Lamudi in The Outlook 2023: Philippine Real Estate Awards. Adding to these accolades is winning Best Premium House in Visayas and Mindanao, conferred to Camella Gran Europa, located in Cagayan de Oro City. The recognitions not only gave affirmation to Camella’s accomplishments spanning almost five decades but also cast a light on its impact and excellence in quality across the archipelago.

Celebrate Milestones with Camella
Celebrate Milestones with Camella

The dream of owning a home is closer to reality through Camella Bankathon, a one-stop event designed to connect aspiring homebuyers with diverse financial options for their properties. These partnerships with financial institutions empower buyers with one-on-one consultations about the advantages of securing house and lot properties through tailored home loans.

A platform catering to the needs and interests of homeowners is the Vista Home App. From comprehensive property management tools to streamlined communication channels, the app makes it easy to access valuable resources, content, and features at their fingertips. By empowering homeowners to optimize their real estate investments, the Vista Home App fosters a deeper connection with the Camella community and ensures they have everything they need to make the most of their homeowner journey. 

Exceptional sales performances throughout the year by business partners are also rewarded with a paid trip to Europe, service vehicles, and cash incentives, supporting their efforts in driving the shared success of Camella while ensuring they feel appreciated for their contributions. 

Celebrate Milestones with Camella
Celebrate Milestones with Camella

The annual celebration of Camella’s beginnings in the industry was commemorated with a series of spirited activities held simultaneously in various locations nationwide. The Color Run transformed thoroughfares into rainbow-filled canvasses as runners race through trails, spreading positivity and camaraderie along the way. Dance contests captivated audiences with contestants’ electrifying moves, while a band night regaled music lovers in an evening of good tunes and great times. 

National Camella Day was about giving back to the community and the environment. The eco-conscious engaged in tree-planting initiatives, creating a greener environment for generations, while bloodletting donations and pet vaccinations emphasized a holistic approach to community wellbeing. The spirit of giving was channeled into a book drive, while taekwondo clinics and yoga sessions combined lessons on strength and safety.  

Various campaigns were also launched to foster communities and bring the Camella life closer to Filipinos nationwide. The Take Your Best Splash photography contest invited professionals and enthusiasts who showcased their best photos featuring amenities of their chosen Camella developments. Parenthood is commemorated through Make Your Moms Smile (MOMS) and Dear Awesome Dad (DAD) activities, showing children’s love and appreciation towards parents  on digital media. 

Camella is devoted to bringing families closer through its various initiatives, and this year is no exception. The National Family Day is observed with a series of on-site and digital activities geared towards promoting the harmony of family life. At the Camella Family Fair, visitors reveled in a world of mini-game stands, scavenger hunts, art corners, pet parks, food stalls, and photography booths. The artistic highlight of the occasion was a digital art competition, fittingly named A Canvas of Unbreakable Bonds, revolving on the theme The Heart of Our Home: Embracing Family Harmony. Participants crafted original digital art that embodied the essence of family in every Filipino’s life. These events provided platforms for families to spend quality time together and honored the importance of family in Filipino culture, highlighting Camella’s ethos of fostering strong and healthy families.

The Christmas celebrations, themed Around the Islands, put a strong focus on the diverse traditions that define the holiday season in different regions across the country. For professional Overseas Filipinos who make sacrifices to provide better lives, it is also the perfect opportunity to reunite with their loved ones. Despite the challenges of being away from home, there is no Christmas as beautiful, solemn, and joyous as the Filipino Christmas—and for many Filipinos, there is no family like the one that waits for them back home.

Camella remains focused on its goal of crafting living spaces and experiences homeowners can truly call their own. From the design of each house to the choice of amenities, every aspect of Camella communities is carefully curated to meet the needs and aspirations of homebuyers. As 2023 comes to a close, Camella remains steadfast in creating beautifully themed homes families can build their forevers on and communities that resonate with the heart and spirit of every Filipino. 

For more information on Camella, visit https://www.camella.com.ph/ and follow @CamellaOfficial.


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