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Canon EOS 90D vs EOS M6: Team DLSR or Team Mirrorless?

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When it comes to cameras, which side are you on, Bingers? Are you #TeamDSLR or #TeamMirrorless? Personally, if you ask me, I’ll be standing at the center because I own both. I have a Canon 1100D, my first DSLR and I also have an M100, a mirrorless camera which I bought last year. My Canon 1100D was bought in 2006 when I was still in college and it is still perfectly working now. I got myself an M100 as a Christmas gift to myself and because I need a new equipment for blogging and vlogging. If you ask me, I’ll say that both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. But let’s take the divide a step further because recently, Canon introduced two new cameras that are mid-range powerhouses: EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II. We had our firsthand experience on both during the launch and we got the details to help you decide where to put your 13 month bonuses!

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Save in 3-easy steps with GCash and CIMB | The Little Binger

Save in 3 Steps with GCash and CIMB

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Adulting is hard! I mean, Bingers, that is a given fact! As a 27yo working millennial, there were a lot of times when I wish to be a kid again. I miss those times when my only concerns where catching my favorite cartoon at home after class or knowing what to have for lunch in my baon. But nope, life goes on and we have to deal with it. So, “what is it about adulting that’s so hard,” you ask. Honestly for me, it is saving. But you know what, I recently found three easy steps on how to do it with GCash and CIMB and I’ll tell you how!

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Segway Launched #TheNextBigETrend | The Little Binger

Ride in Style with Segway!

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Bingers, do you love walking? I do! And I do a lot of walking. It takes my mind off of things while burning out carbs. But sometimes I wish I could just travel a short distance with a skater or rolling blades. Sadly, I don’t have any of those and I can’t ride a bike either. But hey, maybe this one might be the right for me- a Segway Drift! That’s just one of the products launched by Segway Philippines earlier this month at Star City! Know more about our experience and their new products for #TheNextBigETrend!

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Vivo Y95 specs

It's More Than Just a Selfie with Vivo Y95 20-Megapixel Front Camera

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Bingers, do you already know what you want for Christmas? Do you wanna travel? Do you want a new game for your PS4? Or do you want a new phone? Me? I’m torn between having a Nintendo Switch or a smartphone strong enough to play the Ragnarok Mobile! There is this one brand that caught my eye and I think it might just be the one. Bingers, meet Vivo Y95. I checked the specs of Vivo Y95 and I am impressed. Let’s get to know them more!

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The Little Binger explores The Garage Food Park + VR Zone in City of Dreams Manila!

Dine and Play at The Garage VR Zone + Food Park

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Answer this, Bingers: are you a foodie or are you a gamer? I am both! I enjoy food and given the time, I would just spend an entire day at home playing with my PS4. If you are like me, I discovered a new place that you would love to hang out in. Bingers, read my experience at The Garage VR Zone + Food Park in City of Dreams Manila!

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We all have that traveller friend whose weekends are always spent at the beach!

#FeedGoals: Playing Around with Adobe Lightroom Mobile

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Long-form content is no longer the trend for bloggers. Now that influencers are all over Instagram, bloggers also have to adapt. Sure, it is nice to catch a long read from time to time but not everybody’s got time for that. People are visual by nature and stories have to be told in photos. And take note, they should not just be any photos. They should be captivating ones. After all, a photo speaks a thousand words, right? I am sure we all have IG accounts that we can truly say are feed goals and personally, mine are Deegee Razon’s and David Guison. How to achieve them? Well, here are some tips that might help you achieve your #FeedGoals

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