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LOOK: Everything You Need To Know About The New Sony PlayStation 5!

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Bingers, wipe that drool of your mouth because Sony Interactive Entertainment just gave us our first look at the upcoming PlayStation 5! And yes, it is stunning, powerful, and super sexy! That is just our first look. Read the specs and its capabilities then you’ll have to pick up your jaw from the floor. Okay, you know what, let’s get down to it! We got the full details about it as well as the upcoming games on this new console!

Prepare for the collision of innovation and creativity this holiday season because Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) just introduced us to PlayStation 5! Most notable of all are the next-generation console’s design and a vast lineup of new and exclusive games coming to the platform! SIE enticed the fans during a livestream by showing new features of the console: the PS5™ hardware for the first time, with its bold, two-tone design marking a radical departure from previous PlayStation consoles. PS5 will launch in two options: a standard model with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and a digital model without a disc drive, offering unprecedented choice at launch to gamers.

What’s New in PlayStation 5

  • Bold, two-tone design
  • Now in two versions: Standard Model with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and Digital Model w/o disc drive.
  • Larger line-up of accessories for a better gaming experience
  • Expanded library of new and exclusive games

With great hardware comes great games to play. So in today’s livestream, SIE  provided fans with a first look at the new games that will define the next generation of gaming on PlayStation 5. Across dozens of titles, most of which are launching as console exclusives or full exclusives on PS5, the world’s most talented developers showcased the potential of the hardware, which will unlock rich experiences for gamers, bringing them deeper into extraordinary game worlds than ever before.   

“With PlayStation 5, we are making a significant leap to deliver a truly new generation of transformative play experiences that will redefine expectations for what games can be,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SIE. “Worlds will be richer and more beautiful, they’ll captivate your senses in ways you didn’t think possible, and you’ll be able to experience them much more seamlessly, with lightning fast loading. Today’s showcase is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the next generation, and we want to thank our community for taking this journey to PS5’s launch with us.” 

Among the upcoming games in PlayStation 5 are Grand Theft Auto, Hitman III, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Horizon: The Forbidden West. 

Enhance Your PS5 Gaming Experience With These Accessories:

SIE also announced a slate of new PS5 accessories to enhance the gaming experience, including: 

  • PULSE 3D™ wireless headset – offering 3D audio support and dual noise-cancelling microphones;
  • HD Camera – featuring dual 1080p lenses for gamers to broadcast themselves along with their epic gameplay moments; 
  • Media Remote – a remote control with built-in microphone to navigate movies and streaming services with ease; and 
  • DualSense™ Charging Station – for convenient charging of two DualSense™ Wireless Controllers.

SIE will announce pricing and additional details for PlayStation 5 at a later date. So, if I were you Bingers. Start saving up now. This will be worth every peso. And yes, let’s play soon?

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