Enjoy the scenery at Mine's View when Solobackpacking in Baguio - The Little Binger

Solo Backpacking in Baguio Day 2

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After my  first night  in Baguio, I woke up early the following day to continue exploring the City of Pines.

There are jeepneys headed to Mines View Park at the plaza. I timed my arrival before dawn to capture great photos of the place. I may have arrived way too early as some shops are still closed but at least there are still few visitors. I passed through several shops before I  got to the lagoon. Mines View Park may be Baguio’s most famous tourist attraction. Visitors can stand on the cliff while overlooking the community below and marvel at the vast mountainscape of the region. It’s nowhere near the Kiltepan experience but the view can still take one’s breath away.

mines view park solo backpacking baguio strawberry taho
Strawberry Taho + Sunrise? Yes, please!

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Burnham Park - Solo Backpacking in Baguio City - The Little Binger

Solo Backpacking Trip in Baguio pt 1

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Spending nine hours every single day in the office can be exhausting. There will come a time when you will want to drop everything, go out somewhere else, and escape from all of your responsibilities. You will be filled with the urge to step out and just wander off. That happened to me in January. I received my 13th-month pay and my leaves were still barely untouched, so I decided to do something about it. The bug that may have bitten every working millennials finally bit me: I got the travel bug. So after a few days of contemplating on the logistics of my travel, I planned my first solo backpacking trip to Baguio. Read more about Solo Backpacking Trip in Baguio pt 1

Mount Tagapo Hike

A Night In Mt Tagapo

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Have you ever had something so close yet never had the chance to know it better? No, I’m not trying to pull off a ‘hugot line’ here. I am referring to Mt Tagapo. I was born and raised in Laguna and Mt. Tagapo is one landmark that I have been observing since. It is located in Talim Island in Rizal, across Laguna Lake. Every Sunday morning, my dad and I would usually go to a fishing port in Cabuyao City to jog, have a serving of goto, and buy from the fresh haul of tilapia, imelda, and bangus. Since then, I have always wondered what is on the other side of the lake. Read more about A Night In Mt Tagapo