“I am 25. I am at my prime and best health condition. Nothing is wrong with me. What could go wrong?”

Well, any millennial would think this way. I know, because I am one. The least of our concerns right now would be having a life plan. We share a common belief that this type of insurance is way too early for us to think about. If anything else, we would be getting a health or education plan first. But hold up, continue reading why you should also think about death care. It’s not going to be morbid, I promise. Here’s what I realized after the event by Breakout Philippines and St. Peter Life Plans. 

On October 13, Friday the 13th, St. Peter Life Plans invited some bloggers to experience a Breakout Philippines room in Greenbelt 5 to highlight their major corporate social responsibility. Death Care Week is now in its 10th year. Their goal behind it is to promote awareness about death care planning and preparation. There is no better way to put it into action than putting us, bloggers, in a panic-inducing situation.

Breakout of the Corpse Bride’s Room!

Two groups- boys and girls, separately- entered the same room themed Corpse Bride. We took the challenge first. After some brief reminders about the game and the do’s and dont’s, we entered the room blindfolded. The mystery must be solved in 45 minutes or else the team will be locked inside. I loved the narrative of the quest and the adrenaline rush from finding out clues to solve the mystery. After some thorough inspection of the objects in the room and with about 15-mins left on the timer, we finished the game!

You know what, you can also experience Breakout Philippines yourself and enjoy a P100 off from your booking fee. Simply show a proof that you are employees, sales agents, and/or St. Peter Plan Planholders! Head on over to any of their branches in SM North EDSA, Greenbelt 5, Paragon Plaza, and Katipunan from October 1 to November 6, 2017, to enjoy the country’s first and premier escape room!

St. Peter Death Care Week

Coincidentally, the Death Care Week happens on Undas, making it the perfect time to raise awareness about death care planning. Also, the company celebrates their anniversary during this period. This date is extra special for them which is why they are sharing it to everyone. Among of which are free pink tricycle rides. They commissioned some tricycle drivers in Legazpi, Meycauyan, Tuguegarao, and Calamba to make it more convenient for visitors this upcoming Undas! Also, they will be setting up pink tents for the crowd to take shelter in should the sun heats up the day or when it rains.

In celebration of their 10 colorful and strong years in the death care industry, they will be having a mass celebration on October 29, 8:00 AM in PTV4! St. Peter employees, officers, and planholders will be attending the said mass.

There is no perfect time for death care planning. There is nothing morbid about it. Instead, it is a sign of preparedness. Nothing is certain these days. The real horror story probably would be leaving our loved ones unprepared should something bad happens, right?


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