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4 Easy Steps To Make My DIY Mirror Wall

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Hello there, Bingers! The pandemic had us locked down at our houses since March 2020. And because of that, we had too much time in our hands despite attending to our work online or online schooling. Also, that also let us find ways to improve our houses. This might be the reason why home improvement groups on Facebook popped up such as Home Buddies. And yes, kapitbahay. I too was not safe from budol. The first of which was my DIY Mirror Wall. Let me share how I made it!

So, among the growing list of home renovation ideas for our home, a mirror wall is the one that I started with because it is the easier. And my dad won’t allow me to punch more holes in our wall. With that being said, here’s how I worked on my DIY Mirror Wall. Trust me, it is so easy, I made it during my lunch break one Friday afternoon:

  1. Measure the available space in your wall.
    Mirrors come in various sizes. For this specific project, I got a 30cm by 60cm mirror so, I used this to plot how it is going to be placed on my wall. The available space was big enough to accommodate a 2×2 setup.
  2. Get the materials.
    On a Friday morning, I drove to Vista Mall Sta.Rosa to get my supplies from AllHome. This is my go-to shop for hardware and home renovation products because they practically got everything. From lighting to fixtures! After a short stroll, I asked the staff for the location of Bostik No More Nails. I got two 100mL packs just to be sure. Then I looked for their Buy 1, Take 1 mirrors. Luckily, I copped 2 pairs for P520 each. And that is a steal!
  3. Prepare the area for installation.
    Just like in any other adhesive, it is best to make sure that the area is clean. What I did was I grabbed a piece of cloth and wiped the wall to remove dust for the adhesive to stick on. I also placed some markers for proper alignment.
  4. Assemble!
    It’s time to get sticking! First off, I removed the hooks behind the mirrors so they will be flat. Then I applied No More Nails at the edges. I did it individually. Right away, I pushed each mirror of the wall then pressed them for 3 minutes each. Repeat for the rest. Key tip is to be patient!

There you have it, Bingers! You now have a DIY Mirror Wall at home. It is a nice touch to give your space the illusion of a bigger space. Tried it yourself? Or do you have any questions? Fire away in the comments!

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