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"Top Gun: Maverick" Is a "Perfect Blockbuster" According to First Reactions!

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It has been over three decades since Tom Cruise starred in the high-adrenaline movie, Top Gun. And now, he returns to the much-awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. The wait was so much worth it as the early reviews are great, even calling it the “Perfect Blockbuster!” We got the details:

The first reactions to Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick are in, after the highly-anticipated sequel had its world premiere recently as part of this year’s CinemaCon.

The lucky audience who got to watch the film almost one month before it opens in cinemas was unanimous in hailing the sequel as “worthy of the long wait.”  Below are just a sampling of the very positive post-screening reactions.

Some of the critics’ reaction to Top Gun: Maverick

Sean O’Connell Cinemablend

#TopGunMaverick is a masterful adrenaline rush. Tom Cruise is our greatest movie star. This delivers EVERYTHING you want in a blockbuster. Aerial scenes are jaw dropping. Character work is fantastic. Pure action with massive heart. A must see!

Steve Weintraub Collider 

Absolutely loved #TopGunMaverick. Blown away by the cinematography and flying scenes and of course @TomCruise’s performance. Rest of the cast was great with special props to @Miles_Teller and @glenpowell. This is the kind of movie you want to see on the biggest screen possible.

Jamie Graham Total Film

Not sure it’s possible to make a more perfect sequel than Top Gun: Maverick. If you like the original, this is everything you’ve waited 36 years for, balancing nostalgic call-backs with a fresh, dynamic plot and STUNNING aerial photography. Totes emosh, too.  I’ll be stunned if there’s a better blockbuster this year.

Top Gun: Maverick | Credits: YouTube

Keith Simanton IMDb

The typical crowd of somnambulists at CinemaCon in Las Vegas are notoriously tough. So it’s remarkable that when shown TOP GUN: MAVERICK they applauded 4 times *during* the movie. During it.  It’s going to be a massive hit.

Chris Lindahl Indiewire 

After hearing for a week about movies that need to be seen in theaters, Paramount delivered a big-screen spectacle in Top Gun: Maverick at #CinemaCon, a solid standalone actioner that gets its heart from the backstory of the original film.

Drew Taylor The Wrap / Light The Fuse Podcast 

#TopGunMaverick is a profound cinematic experience and easily the best film of the year. What Kosinski, @chrismcquarrie, @eddiehamilton and of course @TomCruise have accomplished is epic and intimate, heart stopping and heartbreaking. However good you think it’ll be, it’s better.

Erik Davis Fandango Rotten Tomatoes 

One word: Wow! #TopGunMaverick is absolutely terrific in every conceivable way. The action & flying is crazy intense & continually changes & evolves. You’re on the edge of your seat. I was not prepared for how emotional it was, too. The crowd cheered a dozen times. It’s real deal

Yong Chavez ABC CBN

#TopGunMaverick is everything I hoped it would be & more. When the word ‘cinema’ is invoked, it’s always about auteur-filmmakers. But for many generations of theatergoers all over the world, it also means Tom Cruise in a movie that makes them cheer & gives them joy for 2+ hours.

In Philippine cinemas May 25, Top Gun: Maverick is distributed by Paramount Pictures through Columbia Pictures.  Connect with #TopGunMaverick 


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