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Experience The Folklore in Tipsy Tales: Lambana

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Bingers, I guess this is no surprise that I enjoy watching theatre plays. Be it a big production such as The Lion King or a ballet play such as Ballet Manila’s Swan Lake, these performances always fill my heart with joy and leave me amazed! Theatre plays will always be a one-of-a-kind experience for us, the viewers. The thing, however, is these are usually one-way. We will just be seated in front of the stage and wait to be entertained by the spectacle and the performances of the actor. I am not sure if it is just me but there have been many moments when I want to enter the stage and be a part of the play, myself. Bingers, if you are like me, that is now possible at the first immersive theatre experience in the country. Meet Tipsy Tales: Lambana! 


More Than Just a Lore

Tipsy Tales is a first in the country. The small team of artists bring a brand new experience to theatre fans. On this one, we will not just be mere audiences but be actors, ourselves. Okay, no pressure. We will not have scripts to memorize, characters to internalize, nor blockings to remember. What I meant was we are going to interact with the actors and go along as the story progresses. 

The first installment of Tipsy Tales, Lambana, will take us to the days where our grandmas will gather us and our cousins and tell us a fairy tale. The mystery of Lambana brought me back to those days! The narrative of the play is magical, scary at times, but fun overall. A good story is a huge part of a successful play and Tipsy Tales made sure of it.

Be In The Play, Enter Lambana

Now, to create a totally new experience for the audience, the immersion part is where things can get tricky. As someone who writes scripts for TVCs, considerations had to made. Among of which were, “Which part of the story are we going to immerse the audience?” “Are their responses going to affect the flow of the play?” “How immersive should the experience be?”

As for my experience during my trip in the magical world of Lambana, it is such a delight how seamless everything were. The moment the lights dimmed, it was as if we were transported to a video game or say Jumanji! With a remarkable spectacle, intricate set design, lovely story, and noteworthy performances, Tipsy Tales: Lambana is an experience not to be missed! 

About Lambana

Lambana is a 4,500 square meter hidden realm in the heart of Metro Manila. The dark fairy tale adventure will take the audiences into a mythical world of Filipino Folklore. Recently, sightings of mythical creatures happened more in Quezon City. People are saying that to enter Lambana, one must go to 4F Eastwood City Mall! 

Play with the creatures for about 75 mins and top it off with snacks. Gather up your friends because up to 15 people can enter at once! Feel the joy, cower in fear, and laugh in amazement! The gates of Lambana are waiting for you, Bingers!

Tipsy Tales: Lambana Rate Card
Tipsy Tales: Lambana Rate Card

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