Climate change is a serious and undoubtedly a serious issue that we cannot deny now. This is why there is a now a global clamor for climate and environment leadership. This sees many industries to follow practices that are good for the environment or as we put it, green-worthy practices. Along with it, industries are also now adapting to sustainable design standards that are in line with what are being followed internationally! 

Teledirect Telecommerce, the top boutique BPO firm, is rewriting the rules of its own operations as it acknowledges the key role of a healthy environment in meeting many of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They pioneered “Biophilia” workspaces, whose purpose is to nurture employees’ wellbeing by letting them work in an environment with greeneries and open spaces.

What Is A Greenworthy Workstyle?

But the work doesn’t stop with a green office design. What better way to reap the long-term benefits of green living than to encourage a perspective shift among employees – one that prioritizes sustainable options regardless of whether they’re inside or outside of the company. 

Through its social responsibility arm, TDPHeart, Teledirect Philippines has launched the “I am Greensponsible” credo that aims to support mindful disposal, consumption, and other contributions to preserve the Earth’s resources. Here are seven simple, yet interesting efforts: 

  1. No Food Wasted
    Based from the 2019 report of Food and Agriculture Organization, food losses and wastes amount to $310 billion in developing countries. And yes, we, the Philippines is one developing country! Teledirect Philippines assures that no food is wasted in its storage. Perishable items such as canned goods, cup noodles, among others, are turned over to TDPHeart for donation to charitable institutions two months before its best before date.
  2. Reduce Single Use
    According to Plastic Oceans International, a non-profit organization based in California, eight million plastics are dumped into our oceans every year. The BPO company’s employees are provided with tumblers and steel straws in the office – a simple yet responsible solution to reduce plastic use on a daily basis.
  3. Offsetting Carbon Footprint due to Air Travel
    The management commits itself to plant a tree to offset carbon footprint from each employees’ official air travel. Distance of every travel is carefully accounted for and is converted into trees using a unique converter.
  4. Petition Signing
    “Volunteering takes time. I want to but I have work.” How many times have you said that? Countless, probably. Well, not if you are in Teledirect Philippines. The company partners with Greenpeace Philippines and Change.Org by gathering support on environmental causes such as reduction of plastic consumption, preservation of local forests, among others. In this way, its people are easily connected to valuable initiatives and are made aware of prevalent issues that need collaborative action.
  5. Living the Green
    On a bi-weekly basis, the company provides new bite-sized eco-learning materials on the office TV screens. Awareness has always been a great tool to involve and encourage people to do their part and be Greensponsible on the most doable ways they can.
  6. The GreenBins
    GreenBins are properly labeled into three, namely biodegradable, recyclable and residual. The lush environment inside the office can only be maintained with proper waste disposal that spurs reuse and recycling of wastes.
  7. TDPHeroes for Tree Planting
    TDPHeart’s volunteers, called TDPHeroes, do their share in offsetting carbon emissions through tree-planting activities. Last July 2019, TDPHeroes went to Marikina City to plant trees near the Marikina River.
TDPHeroes, TDPHeart’s volunteers, participated in a tree-planting event in Marikina City as part of the whole “I am Greensponsible” campaign.
TDPHeroes, TDPHeart’s volunteers, participated in a tree-planting event in Marikina City as part of the whole “I am Greensponsible” campaign.

TDPHeart mobilizes Teledirect Philippines’ vision to move beyond making a positive difference in the lives inside the company towards planting seeds and nurturing connections for the future development of communities through education, environmental, and enterprise development. 

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