5 K-Drama To Binge-Watch

5 K-Drama To Binge-Watch

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Can I tell you one thing, Bingers? Prior to the lockdown, I did not K-Drama or Korean dramas. I always saw thought they are too cheesy, romantic, and sappy for my liking. I have been so gotten used to the Hollywood-style of TV shows – action-packed and not much emotions. BUT when the lockdown started at around March and we have been in WFH since, things changed. I needed variety for my bingelist. So, guys, let me share you the 5 K-Drama to Binge watch!

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10 Reasons to Binge-Watch The Long Road Home

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you haven’t heard by now, I love TV shows- be it local or foreign; and I watch them on TV or via streaming. Name a show and I have probably heard or watched it- even finished it! Surprise, surprise, I am The Little Binger for a reason. We can also say that I watched various genres of TV shows. I stumbled upon one show on NatGeo one weekend and let us just say that it got me hooked! I am talking about The Long Road Home. I followed each episode so far and I will try my best to give it a try in 10 points. Ready?

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