For #ClearlyTheBestYou, Experience OPPO Reno 4 | The Little Binger

For #ClearlyTheBestYou, Experience OPPO Reno 4

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How is it going, Bingers? Do you feel like you are oozing with creativity that you feel like you are going to explode? Well, with different platform available to us now, why don’t you express yourself? Take photos and post it on Instagram. Write a blog and write about it on WordPress. Or maybe start a vlog on YouTube? Well, now with OPPO Reno 4, you’ll have more chance to show #ClearlyTheBestYou!

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Easy Vlogging Set-up at Home | The Little Binger

Easy Vlogging Set-up at Home

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As content creators, we must never stop creating content. Stop for a period of time and you will lose your relevance and your readers will forget about you. (Or at least, that’s how I see it.) So when the lockdown started in March, I struggled to create more content because: a.) I am stuck at home, and b.) movie premiers and events were cancelled. How did I cope? I returned to the essence of blogging and created more personal content while posting throwback photos and occasional updates on Instagram. Also, I started something that I have been holding off for the longest time: vlogging. Video editing does not intimidate me. In fact, I studied it in college. It’s just that there’s too much thing to do. That was until I decided to look past it and started vlogging. Now, let me share with you how I started my easy vlogging setup at home.

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REVIEW: Budget Capture Card From Lazada | The Little Binger

REVIEW: Budget Capture Card From Lazada

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Have I told you, Bingers? The five month lockdown has made me re-evaluate my content creation plan. When everything was still normal, I was a Pop Culture x Lifestyle content creator. I regularly attended movie premieres, reviewed food establishments, and featured products. But when COVID-19 happened, that changed a lot! Particularly my pop culture side as a content creator. Events were put on hold and cinemas were closed. Movie premieres were cancelled all through out. In fact, the weekend the lockdown started, I was supposed to go to the advanced screening of A Quiet Place: Part 2 but then I received an email the day before saying that it was cancelled. To keep up with the times to still create content, I turned my eye onto vlogging and now, livestreaming my Nintendo Switch games. I did my research and every livestreamers need to have the right equipment, especially a capture card.

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LOOK: More Game Time with vivo V19 Neo 4500 mAh Li-Po Battery | The Little Binger

LOOK: More Game Time with vivo V19 Neo 4500 mAh Li-Po Battery

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So, Bingers. Are you bored as I am? Then we know the solution to that. Pick up our phones. Nowadays, we spend most of our time online, some have become dependent on electronic devices, especially smartphones, to keep them connected with friends and loved ones, and to conveniently pursue and enjoy their lifestyles. And with different activities—messaging on various platforms, posting on social media, surfing the internet, buying from online stores, listening to music, watching movies and videos, and playing online games—keeping people busy on their smartphones wherever they may be, it would truly be disappointing to get a low battery warning, or the handset going “dead”. That is such a hassle, right? 

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