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My Solo Birthday Escape at One Tagaytay Place

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For the past 27 years, my birthdays have just come and go. Just like how I wanted them- no big parties, no huge celebrations, no crowd- just me and my family having dinner at a restaurant or a buffet. To be honest, I never wished for anything grand. After all, it was just a day! This year, on my 27th, I wanted to try something new. I planned to have that special day by myself. I wanted to celebrate it on my own and my initial plans were either to revisit Bangkok or stay in La Union and Baguio. Coincidentally, a hotel in Tagaytay reached out to me, inviting me to stay with them for a night and I thought, “hey! I can spend my birthday here instead!” And that’s exactly what happened. Bingers, let me share with you my experience at One Tagaytay Place! 

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