Armandos Garden Resort | The Little Binger

Relax Off The Beaten Track at Armando's Garden Resort

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Bingers! Are you ready for summer? Got those plans yet? Have you booked your hotel reservations yet? Do you already know where to go? But most of all, are you ready to experience traffic and a huge crowd in, say, La Union or Baguio? If not, well, let’s go somewhere new, somewhere off the beaten track. Let’s head up north to Nueva Ecija at Armando’s Garden Resort! We got the details so make sure to read this one!

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Bumblebee Movie is full of emotions and that makes it the best movie in the Transfomers franchise. | The Little Binger | Credit: United International Pictures

3 Ways Bumblebee is Easily the Best Transformers Movie

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Okay, Bingers. Confession time: I HATED THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. I mean, sure I watched every single one of them but my hatred for them grew with each one. The first one was fun but things got worse with every entry in the franchise. It was as if Michael Bay did no longer care for the plot and focused only on fights and explosions. With that said, I was a little hesitant about the Bumblebee Movie. When United International Pictures invited me to the special advanced screening at the IMAX Theatre in SM Megamall last January 6, Sunday, I half-wittingly attended. But boy, did the movie take me by surprise! I am going to say it now: Bumblebee Movie is easily the best Transformers movie and here are the reasons:

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Segway Launched #TheNextBigETrend | The Little Binger

Ride in Style with Segway!

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Bingers, do you love walking? I do! And I do a lot of walking. It takes my mind off of things while burning out carbs. But sometimes I wish I could just travel a short distance with a skater or rolling blades. Sadly, I don’t have any of those and I can’t ride a bike either. But hey, maybe this one might be the right for me- a Segway Drift! That’s just one of the products launched by Segway Philippines earlier this month at Star City! Know more about our experience and their new products for #TheNextBigETrend!

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Vivo Y95 specs

It's More Than Just a Selfie with Vivo Y95 20-Megapixel Front Camera

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Bingers, do you already know what you want for Christmas? Do you wanna travel? Do you want a new game for your PS4? Or do you want a new phone? Me? I’m torn between having a Nintendo Switch or a smartphone strong enough to play the Ragnarok Mobile! There is this one brand that caught my eye and I think it might just be the one. Bingers, meet Vivo Y95. I checked the specs of Vivo Y95 and I am impressed. Let’s get to know them more!

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Sweat it Out like a star in Celebrity Fitness

Sweat It Out Like a Superstar in Celebrity Fitness

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Bingers, who among you here are also committed to their fitness journeys like I am? Do you also frequent the gym at least 5-6 times a week and do various routines every single day? Despite the variations, it can get exhausting too, right? Or is it just me? Well, since my routine is mainly circuit and bodyweights, I sometimes feel like I need to do something new. Well, guess what. A new gym recently opened here in Metro Manila and I can’t wait to try their classes! Bingers, meet the new star in town- Celebrity Fitness!

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Michael Myers haunts Haddonfield again in Halloween. | Credits: United International Pictures

'Halloween' Slashes With Its Scares

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If anybody would ask me what my favorite film genre is, without batting an eyelash, I would say horror. I may have developed a taste in film and enjoyed the quality ones and endured the crappy ones, but at the end of the day, horror movies will always be my go-to! I exposed myself to various types in the genre- slasher, psychological, torture…name it! And of course, I picked my favorites. Among of which are the Saw franchise, Sinister, Friday the 13th, and of course, Halloween! Speaking of, 40 years since the movie premiered in 1978, Halloween returns to tie some loose ends. Hopefully.

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The Little Binger joins this year's RAWR Awards

RAWR Awards 2018 Will Roar At Le Reve!

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Have you heard, Bingers? Something’s cooking for this year’s RAWR Awards! LionHearTV.net‘s annual award-giving body returns on Novermber 14, Wednesday, at its new home in Le Reve Pool Party Venue and Events PlaceThe Filipino blogging community, including us, are supporting the upcoming event. Exciting, right? So, what’s in store for RAWR Awards 2018? Continue reading to find out!

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