Go on an adventure in Onward! | The Little Binger | Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

REVIEW: Find Your Adventure in Onward

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you still have the magic, Bingers? In the latest movie from Disney and Pixar, Onward, we’ll realize that we still got the magic, it’s just that no one bothers to do it anymore when there is a much more convenient way. And because of that, we have been so gotten used to the familiar and what’s right in front of us. In the world of Onward where the centaurs, pixies, and elves are no longer how we used to know them, lies an unexpected treasure waiting to be uncovered. We joined the adventure of the Lightfoot brothers and found ourselves falling off our seats from laughing one second and sobbing after. Read more about REVIEW: Find Your Adventure in Onward
Star Wars Virtual Run Southeast Asia 2020 | The Little Binger

LOOK: Star Wars Virtual Run Southeast Asia 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutesMay the Force  be with us all, Bingers, on May the 4th because the first-ever STAR WARS Virtual Run in Southeast Asia is happening soon! Whether you want to choose to spread hope and be with the light side or join the dark side, there is no denying that the Force is upon us! Bingers, gear up for the first STAR WARS Virtual Run! And yes, it is unlike your usual runs! Wanna know what a Virtual Run is? Continue reading!

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Dead Kids is the first Netflix-licensed Filipino film. | The Little Binger | Credit: Netflix

REVIEW: Dead Kids - When The Games Get Serious

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe all have our special high school memories. It is during this period when we try to make memories between our childhood and adulthood, given that it is the last stage before we head into college. This is the time when kings and queens of the batch reigned and the misfits were preyed upon. As Mean Girls once put it, it was a jungle. So, what is up with all these talks about high school? Well, it is the setting for the first Netflix-licensed Filipino film, Dead Kids. And it was one crazy, crazy film! Bingers, we were at the premier of Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids and I must say, it is something not to miss!

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Run for Reading at McDonald's Stripes Run 2019 | The Little Binger

Run for Reading at McDonald's Stripes Run 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutesBingers, how often do you join fun runs? Often probably. I mean, they are fun! With all the various themes that they have- zombies, food, animals. Name it! But if there is a fun run that I would love to participate in, it’s one that will be for a cause. One of them is McDonald’s Stripes Run! Now on its 10th year, Stripes Run 2019 will bring families together to run for reading! It will be happening this Dec 1 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds! To know more, continue reading:

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Lazada 11.11 Sale | The Little Binger

Discover Discounts this Lazada 11.11 Sale!

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you checked your calendars yet, Bingers? It os almost 11.11 and it only means one thing: SALE! Whether you are looking for a new phone or a new shirt, I’ve got some good news for you! Lazada, the leading online shopping site, is having their biggest sale yet on 11.11, Monday, where big discounts and promos are in store for us! Ready to fill your cart? Give us 2 mins because I will be sharing with you the other cool things Lazada has up their sleeves on 11.11!

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McDonald's Saving Holloween | The Little Binger

Have A Spooky Fun Weekend at McDonald's Saving Halloween

Reading Time: 2 minutesOkay, Bingers. Who among you here have little sisters and brothers? Isn’t it cute how excited they get everytime they get to dress up in those little Halloween costumes. Of course, it is also a win-win situation for us, adults, because we get to enjoy their candies! So, for this year’s Halloween, here is an idea that both the kids and us will love! Take them to McDonald’s Saving Halloween: The Grand Halloween Family Experience this October 26, 2019! Because as they say, there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with your family.

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Meet the grown-up Losers in IT: Chapter 2. | The Little Binger | Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

REVIEW: It: Chapter 2 Will Leave You Terrified and In Tears

Reading Time: 4 minutesOkay, Bingers. Tell me your favorite horror movie. I bet some of you will say Saw, or Jordan Peele’s UsMaybe some of you fell in love with The Nun from the Conjuring Universe. If you ask me, one of my most favorite horror movie from the recent times is Andy Muschietti’s It! Yes, the 2017 horror movie hit is having a sequel two years later to bring a conclusion to the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same title! 27 years has passed since the events of the first film and we can now meet the grown-up Losers. Are you ready to go back to Derry, Bingers? You should because It: Chapter 2 easily made its way as one of the best horror movies ever!

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