Breakout x St. Peter Life Plans for Death Care Week

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“I am 25. I am at my prime and best health condition. Nothing is wrong with me. What could go wrong?”

Well, any millennial would think this way. I know, because I am one. The least of our concerns right now would be having a life plan. We share a common belief that this type of insurance is way too early for us to think about. If anything else, we would be getting a health or education plan first. But hold up, continue reading why you should also think about death care. It’s not going to be morbid, I promise. Here’s what I realized after the event by Breakout Philippines and St. Peter Life Plans.  Read more about Breakout x St. Peter Life Plans for Death Care Week

Ibong Adarna's ensemble cast

REVIEW: Ballet Manila’s Ibong Adarna

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Ibong Adarna is a staple reading requirement among high school students. It is about the hunt for the elusive bird with magical healing properties. Truly, a classic. To push for Ballet Manila’s advocacy to ‘bring ballet to the people and bring people to ballet,’ they adapted the lore to kick off the 22nd performance season of the dance company. Entitled Flights of Fantasy, the season will feature familiar narratives on stage.

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