Cerebrew Maginhawa

Cerebrew: A Haven For Students and Freelancers

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As a copywriter by day and a blogger by night (and even day, sometimes), creative block is no joke! It is as real as it gets! There are days when I just run out of inspiration to get the creative juice flowing. Lots of factors cause it and one sure thing is the working environment. I am stuck on most days inside our office while crafting ideas for my brands. I am not gonna lie, it gets draining at times! There are days when I just want to get out of the office and head to a park, coffee shop, or a co-working space. Co-working spaces are in abundance in Makati. As a wandering millennial, I don’t mind going to places. Maginhawa gets on top of my head when I get the urge to head north and the best thing about it is there is now a haven for us creatives- Cerebrew!

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Burnham Park - Solo Backpacking in Baguio City - The Little Binger

Solo Backpacking Trip in Baguio pt 1

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Spending nine hours every single day in the office can be exhausting. There will come a time when you will want to drop everything, go out somewhere else, and escape from all of your responsibilities. You will be filled with the urge to step out and just wander off. That happened to me in January. I received my 13th-month pay and my leaves were still barely untouched, so I decided to do something about it. The bug that may have bitten every working millennials finally bit me: I got the travel bug. So after a few days of contemplating on the logistics of my travel, I planned my first solo backpacking trip to Baguio. Read more about Solo Backpacking Trip in Baguio pt 1