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Metro Manila. What word came first to mind? I am going to bet that it is TRAFFIC. Horrible. Scary. A nightmare. However, no matter how much we associate the word with negative things, it is one thing that we cannot just escape. Basically, as soon as we signed up to working or living in Metro Manila, we signed up for dealing with traffic as well. Imagine escaping traffic. Wow, what a concept, right? Would you believe me if I tell you that it is practically avoidable in the South? In the Greenfield City, it is. Here are 4 reasons the south is the new place to be.

  1. Drive with a Smile
    Have you ever dreamed of driving along EDSA on a weeknight after work and still be able to smile? Basically, that’s what it is, a dream. It is nearly impossible to put on a smile when you are stuck in traffic. Let me tell you something: that is one thing that we rarely have to go through in the south. SLEX is our bestfriend and driving there is a breeze! With no congested roads and packs of undisciplined public drivers to deal with, it is easy and quick to get to where we need to!
  2. We Got It All
    Tagaytay? Be there in less than an hour! Enchanted Kingdom? That’s a very quick drive! Resorts? Pick between slides or hot springs! It is not that we are bragging but we basically have everything that Manilenos would ever ask for plus a little extra. Ever wondered why we take pride in our turf? These are just few of the reasons. Accessibility is one of the best things about the south!

    Mt Makiling solo portrait
    Don’t settle for selfie photos when travelling solo in Mt Makiling.
  3. Dine and Shop
    Yup, we also know how to indulge ourselves. In fact, it is one of the many things we are good at! Just like in Manila, we also have lots of malls and hangout places to choose from down here. Personally, my favorite is Paseo de Sta. Rosa in Greenfield City! As a kid from the south, this has always been my family’s go-to place! As a matter of fact, even up to now since it is a less than 20-min drive from home! Throughout the years, this shopping hub continued on expanding to keep up with competition and the market. Now, there is a Laguna Central, Arcadia, and Paseo 2, 3, and 4! These expansions house shops, restaurants, and outlet shops that make every shopaholics’ heart happy!

    Paseo has always been my go-to place!
    Paseo has always been my go-to place!
  4. Live and Play
    Perhaps the greatest characteristic that will easily be attached to the south is its closeness to nature. It is. And with all these developments and growth in the number of residents, there are fears that it will be taken away. Luckily, that is not the case. Especially with development properties that make it sustainable for both the people and nature. Greenfield City is known for this. They see to it with their every project that there will be a right balance between nature and development.

    The Greenfield City

Recently, they invited me along with other members of the media for the unveiling of their latest projects in the south. As a South resident and as a millennial who is looking into investing into my own properties, this made me excited!

Bingers, meet Zadia and Trava- Greenfield City’s additions to the master-planned city’s eco-friendly and innovative residential portfolio. Zadia is Greenfield City’s vertical community. Residents will enjoy the best of both worlds – a quiet, suburban lifestyle and the convenience of a condo living. Unlike other condominium units, this one promises a low density community centered at a nature-rich environment. It will have the usual amenities such as a swimming pool area, a basketball court, a gazebo, and a clubhouse.

A look at Zadia.
A look at Zadia.

Meanwhile, Trava is shaping up to be one of Greenfield City’s first luxurious, high-end subdivision. In fact, it is the flagship project of Greenfied Deluxe, the developer’s new upscale brand. This is perfect for families and individuals in need of a spacious green living. It does not only provide residential area but also verdant, open spaces. Among its features are the integration of tree-lined roads, dedicated bike lanes, and jogging paths, and solar-powered areas in the clubhouse.

Experience deluxe living in Trava at the Greenfield City.
Experience deluxe living in Trava.

The future is looking bright down south with these projects by Greenfield City! I am definitely keeping an eye out for it!


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