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My Solo Birthday Escape at One Tagaytay Place

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For the past 27 years, my birthdays have just come and go. Just like how I wanted them- no big parties, no huge celebrations, no crowd- just me and my family having dinner at a restaurant or a buffet. To be honest, I never wished for anything grand. After all, it was just a day! This year, on my 27th, I wanted to try something new. I planned to have that special day by myself. I wanted to celebrate it on my own and my initial plans were either to revisit Bangkok or stay in La Union and Baguio. Coincidentally, a hotel in Tagaytay reached out to me, inviting me to stay with them for a night and I thought, “hey! I can spend my birthday here instead!” And that’s exactly what happened. Bingers, let me share with you my experience at One Tagaytay Place! 

I live in Laguna and Tagaytay is a go-to destination for my family and friends. The thing, however, is we always go there via our private vehicle. The challenge for me now was how to get to the hotel from my office in Makati. First off, let me share with you how I got to the venue via public transpo:

Going to One Tagaytay Place:

This travel tip is based on my personal experience. I originated from our office in Makati so this will be helpful to those who will be coming from Manila:

  1. Go to the DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia.
  2. Take the Nasugbu bus.
  3. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay (P80, one-way)
  4. From the plaza, take a tricycle and tell them to take you to One Tagaytay Place. They know the place. (P80/ ride)

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I arrived at the hotel past 4PM but the staff at the lobby welcomed with such warmth. It was a Saturday and there were few visitors at the time. During check-in, I was told about their massage place called O Spa and that really excited me because I love a good massage. Right after they checked me in, I headed to my room at the second floor and I was delighted by its size. It was good for two but it was big enough to accommodate a family of four! It comes with the basic amenities: a comfy bed, a side table, cool air conditioning, TV, locker, refrigerator, and a comfort room with bidet!

It was the typical accommodation that I experienced in other hotels. I wish I have been given a room in higher floors to get a better view of Tagaytay which I did not get from my room at the second floor. Also, this is a personal preference but the bidet was a plus point for me. It was a bit disappointing though that the showers did not have a heater because Tagaytay can get chilly at nights! Check out the photos of the place below:

Relax at One Tagaytay Place

As I said earlier, the concierge talked to me about their in-house massage spa and this has got to be one of the highlights of my visit in One Tagaytay Place! O Spa is located at the ground floor and has 4 rooms. A relaxing ambiance welcomes the guests. They do offer various types of massages but I went for the Philippine Hilot Massage, which according to them, is one of their bests. The one and a half hour massage took away my stress from my travel and really eased my mind off of things!

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Of course, no hotel visit is complete without a good hearty meal! Luckily, I did not have to step out of the building to enjoy myself because after I got a massage, I headed to Amacena. It is the restaurant of the hotel which serves Pinoy food with a twist. As a true Filipino, I ordered a platter of pancit and it was GREAT! Know more about Amacena on the next post, as well as their breakfast buffet! And oh, before I end my sharing of my experience at the hotel, have I mentioned that they also have a swimming pool?

Take a dip and enjoy the view | One Tagaytay Place | The Little Binger
Take a dip and enjoy the view | One Tagaytay Place | The Little Binger

I waited until the following day to see it myself because it closes at night. The pool is located at the rooftop and is of decent size. I would have taken a dip and took shots for Instagram but the heat at time was too intense. See it for yourself! The view was amazing, though!

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One Tagaytay Place is a perfect getaway for family and friends who are planning to spend a night or two in Tagaytay. Its amenities may be basic but they are more than enough for each guest’s basic need. Personally, they were more than enough for me. After all, I do not stay for a long time in my hotel rooms. I just go there to sleep, relax, and take a bath.

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites
455 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City

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