Okay, Bingers. Let me ask you this, who among you were emotional during the series finale of Game of Thrones? Or were you the ones who hated it because their expectations were not met? Either way, one thing is for sure, we all anticipated the grand ending for this HBO series that we followed for over a decade! SKYcable knew how important this moment is for everyone that is why they had a live-streaming event last May 20, 2019 at the Dolphy Theatre in the ABS-CBN compound in Quezon City. And as you may have guessed, The Little Binger, was invited to experience it!

The North Remembers

As someone who hails all the way from the south, heading north for the 9AM screening was some sort of a challenge! But hey, I came and I conquered. I arrived t 8:30AM, wondering what I was going to do at the time but luckily, there were activities for attendees planned at the venue. There were stand-ins, house flags, and the best thing was- FREE COFFEE! Check out few of my photos from the event below:

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Few minutes later and it was finally time for the screening! I entered the Dolphy Theatre and settled by the third row 5 minutes before the screening. I am going to be honest with you, Bingers- I always hoped to see the series finale of Game of Thrones in the big screen! Thank you for making it happen, SKYcable! The emotions and the grandeur of the episode were hyped up by the big screen and, personally, that was perfect!

By the way, the screening was powered HBO HD that is available in SKYcable. The quality of the episode was so high, it looked perfect on the big screen!

So, who is up for some post-Game of Thrones discussion, Bingers? Shall we talk about it in the comments? 🙂

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