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So, Bingers. How many times have you had an accident with your shoes? And by that, the surprise damage where the sole separates from the body of the shoe? Once? Twice? I bet we all have experienced this and I am pretty sure we all have that one product in mind for a quick solution- Mighty Bond! And yes, from the makers of Mighty Bond, Pioneer Adhesives Inc., we now have the chance to showcase our talents through photo and video and win prizes with their ElastoSeal Tibay Tagal Photo and Video Contest! Curious how it will run? Continue reading to know more about the contest and its mechanics. I promise that this is going to be an exciting and fun one! 

From August 15, 2019 to September 20, 2019, Pioneer Adhesives, Inc., the maker of Pioneer Epoxy, Mighty Bond, and ElastoSeal Waterproofing Sealing will run a photo and video contest. All you have to do is to capture your most creative and fun (!) creative photo. Or if you are feeling extra creative, record yourself in a video.

How to Join: 

  1. Post on a photo or record a video of you. 
  2. Share the spotlight with Pioneer ElastoSeal products. 
  3. For the video, dance or sing to the ElastoSeal jingle and add the Tagal Tibay logo. Download it from Pioneer’s website. 
  4. Now that you have your creativity poured on your entry, send it to Register your Name, Complete Address, Mobile Number, and Email Address. Remember, the file size should be less than 100 MB! 

Start planning your entries because the criteria for judging are as follows: 

  1. Creativity – 30%
  2. Originality- 20%
  3. Usage of Brand – 30% 
  4. Audience Appeal – 20%

You have until September 15, 2019 to submit your photo entries and September 20, 2019 for your video entries. Hurry up because the judges will choose the top 10 entries for the Photo contest. Each of them will receive P 5,000 and ElastoSeal Products. Meanwhile, the top 5 winners for the video contest will receive P10,000 and ElastoSeal Products!

What are you waiting for, Bingers? SImply capture your creativity and fun side in photo or video, showcase Pioneer ElastoSeal and get the chance to win cash prizes and products in the ElastoSeal Tibay Tagal Photo and Video Contest! 



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