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What are you currently binging on on Netflix, Bingers? Let me guess, Russian Doll? Or You? Or maybe you recently started watching the latest series featuring a bunch of teenage superheroes. And no, they are not the X-Men but yes, they are as cool! I am talking about The Umbrella Academy! To hype up the release of the first season, Netflix Philippines built the epic Seven Super Rooms. All of which were themed after the characters from the show! And of course, The Little Binger was at the launch, along with other members of the press, celebrities, and influencers! It was a night of taking LOTS of photos and PARTYING! Curious on what went down? We got the deets!

The Super Rooms

Each of the seven Super Rooms were themed after the superhero siblings from the Netflix Original show. They all featured fun and interactive elements from the show. Local celebrities and influencers represented each room but the most fun part is vibing with each room while taking tons of Instagram-able photos!

Epic Seven Super Rooms for The Umbrella Academy | The Little Binger
Epic Seven Super Rooms for The Umbrella Academy | The Little Binger

Super Strong, Super Bitter, Super Famous, Super Morbid, Super Dead, Super Old, and Super Ordinary. I binge-watch season one in one day and had I am obsessed with it! Just to add, the designs were so detailed that my fellow bloggers enjoyed posing! With that said, let’s take a look at our photos!

Fans experienced the Seven Super Rooms of The Umbrella Academy the following day at the Shooting Gallery Studios, Red Studio! It ran open to the public the entire day!

The Kids of The Umbrella Academy

On the same day in 1989, 43 infants were randomly born from random women. Seven of which were adopted by an extremely rich individual to form The Umbrella Academy then prepared them to save the world. But things are not always as they seem for this estranged family. Okay, Bingers, if that does sound a little overwhelming, think of the X-Men but make them dysfunctional!

The Umbrella Academy is based from the comic book written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, illustrated by Gabriel Ba, and published by Dark Horse Comics. All episodes of season 1 are now streaming on Netflix!

Epic Seven Super Rooms for The Umbrella Academy | The Little Binger
Epic Seven Super Rooms for The Umbrella Academy | The Little Binger

If you are still not sold on starting the series, trust me on this one. I sat through the whole 10-episode season in one sitting because I was that hooked! The characterization, the soundtrack, the humor, and the action sequences were spot-on! It was truly a binge-worthy series! You will be craving for season 2!

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