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Ride in Style with Segway!

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Bingers, do you love walking? I do! And I do a lot of walking. It takes my mind off of things while burning out carbs. But sometimes I wish I could just travel a short distance with a skater or rolling blades. Sadly, I don’t have any of those and I can’t ride a bike either. But hey, maybe this one might be the right for me- a Segway Drift! That’s just one of the products launched by Segway Philippines earlier this month at Star City! Know more about our experience and their new products for #TheNextBigETrend!

Last November 3, Segway Philippines invited me along with other bloggers, infuencers, and members of the press to have the first look at their new products namely: Segway Drift W1, Ninebot Z10, and Ninebot GoKart. It was held at the Adventure Zone in Star City. I know, at first I thought it was an odd location to launch these products but I was surprised and delighted that that day will also be the opening of Segway GoKart– a new attraction in the Adventure Zone.


Okay, I know you are curious about Segway Philippines’ new products. Well, wait no more because here they are:

  • Ninebot Z10– Personally this one, I found to be the most interesting. Do you know a unicycle, Bingers? Well, it is like that but definitely more high-tech! Balancing is the key to operating these babies. I would have loved to try it but I was afraid I was going to fall off the floor face flat!
  • Segway Drift W1- Okay, Bingers. Think of a pair of roller blades…without the wheels. Can you imagine it? Yep! That’s the Segway Drift W1. It is this pair of high-tech shoes that will make you feel like hovering on the ground. I so wanted to have a pair during the launch but I am not sure I can use it in and out of Makati on a rush hour. Anyway…
  • Ninebot GoKart- Kart players would love to extend this kit for the MiniPro! The GoKart kit is an additional item that will turn regular MiniPros to GoKarts. It is perfect for the weekend!

GoKart at Star City

As I was saying earlier, the event was not just for the launch of #TheNextBigETrend, it was also for the opening of Adventure Zone’s latest attraction. After the event, my friends and fellow influencers headed out of the airconditioned tent to try out the rides. At the moment, we experienced two: GoKart and NineBot.

Of course, as bloggers, we gotta do things for the Gram and that we did. We did not just finished laps, we also took tons of picture and here are some of them! GoKart is the latest attraction in the Adventure Zone on top of zipline and paintball shooting. Don’t miss out on the fun and try them now!

Segway Launched #TheNextBigETrend at The Adventure Zone in Star City | The Little Binger
Segway Launched #TheNextBigETrend at The Adventure Zone in Star City | The Little Binger

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The Adventure Zone is in Star City at Vicente Sotto St, Pasay, Metro Manila.

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