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Not to state the obvious but Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War is the most-anticipated movie of 2018 (and the recent years, to be honest!) And Filipino fans are not shy about expressing their love for the franchise. It is the reason Marvel Philippines and Walt Disney Philippines assembled the fans last April 15, Sunday for a sweet surprise!

marvel fan event infinity war
The hype is real for Avengers: Infinity War!

With a decade in existence and more than 18 movies in the bank, the franchise grew a strong fan base worldwide! And Filipinos are among them! I experienced the hype and shared it with fellow Marvel Fans at the event held at the Cinema 7 of SM Megamall. Waking up early on a Sunday did not stop us and it was evident in our electrifying roars!

Marvel Fans, Assemble!

Fans in cosplays, activities, and games raised the crowd’s energy. Host Justin Quirino reminded us throughout the event that we will be recording a video for the cast. It made sense since I’ve been wondering what the multiple cameras inside the cinema are for. “We are ready for you, Avengers!” was the chant that we kept on rehearsing. Then the time for us to be recorded finally came…and SURPRISE!

In a flash, the cinema screen lit up to reveal a live, digital feed from Singapore of Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan, and Joe Russo!

Yes, Bingers. I FREAKED OUT! The crowd cheered and were CRAZY!

marvel fan event infinity war
I am in there somewhere, freaking out! We were cheering, as Marvel fans should! | Credit: Disney PH

It took us some time to collect ourselves and when we did, three lucky fans – Chris Cantada, Karen Kunawicz, and Aaron Atayde – had the rare opportunity of engaging with the cast and director with a quick Q&A! Cumberbatch, Gillan, and Russo teased us with the on and off-screen happenings for Avengers: Infinity War!

This exclusive Marvel Fan Event aimed to celebrate the release of the highly-anticipated Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War. The first part of the culmination opens in Philippine cinemas on April 25!

Get There Now!

Now, tell me, Bingers. Do you already have your tickets for the movie? Avoid #FOMO and skip spoilers. Book your tickets as early as now because they are running out FAST!

Here’s a secret. I am not the type to risk not having a good seat in cinema nor the type to wait in line for a few minutes. I use GMovies to book my movie tickets. I have been using this app for the longest time because it is really convenient- I just love it! Everything that you need to do can be done in the app. Select a movie, pick a cinema, choose your seat, and pay using your credit card, debit card, or GCash!

There you have it. It’s not like I need to say this but…HYPE!!! See you at the movies for Avengers: Infinity War!


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