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REVIEW: 4 Features of Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH I Fell In Love With

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For many of us, WFH or working from home has become part of the new normal since March 2020. That was when the nationwide lockdown started in the country. We adjusted to this new normal and made changes to our daily lives. And a major part of it is having a laptop that will help us stay productive at home despite everything. Recently, I got my hands on Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH, and it has STRONG features that made me fall in love with it. Let me share what those are:

  1. The Power of Intel
    When I first turned on the Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH, I noticed how quick the booting process was. The fingerprint-detector immediately kicked off the process and the next thing I know, I am on my desktop. Breezing through apps on the laptop was such an experience because everything felt seamless. But then again, that should no longer come as a surprise as it is equipped with H-Series Intel 10th Gen Processors. And yes, they can take up to 8 cores!

    I can only imagine the tasks that I can do with it. It would be a great tool for my work by day as a Social Media Executive and as a gaming livestreamer by night!
    lenovo thinkbook 15p
  2. Multimedia Tool
    In my job, a powerful laptop with good specs is a must! Since I work for social media and as a content creator, I deal with photos, videos, and audio. My tools are Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom. Most of the time, I have them on simultaneously. So, can you imagine how straining it must have been for my laptop?

    Well, with the ThinkBook 15P IMH, that should not be a problem because its processing speed can export even 4K videos 70% faster than other laptops. Also, it has a UHD resolution of 3840×1260 for that greater viewing experience! On top of that, I get to see the colors better and more true-to-life because of the VESA-certified Display HDR. It is a great match for my meticulous eye when it comes to color grading.
    lenovo thinkbook 15p color
  3. Goodbye, Connectivity Issues
    Back when things were still normal and there had to be reporting in the office, one of my woes was connectivity issues. I always go, “can I borrow your flash drive? My laptop has no HDMI port” Most laptops now skipped having several ports to make way for the design’s sleek and minimalist look. While that is understandable, we still can’t deny the fact that it is nice to have the usual ports. The great thing about Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH is it did not skimp on those. It has the following ports: USB Type-C, HDMI, 2 USB 3.0, Audio port, Card Reader. It even has an RJ45 port for LAN connections!
    lenovo thinkbook 15p the little binger
  4. Performance is the Key
    At the end of the day, aside from the features and the design, our main consideration when picking a laptop is its performance. Will it be able to perform the tasks I need to do? Will it last a long time? Is it going to be a smart buy for my money? These are the usual questions that run in my head whenever I have to shell out for a new gadget. And if you are also looking for a new laptop and are considering a ThinkBook 15P, expect to have these questions answered.
    lenovo thinkbook 15p keypad

    Apart from the features, I have already mentioned above, the laptop is also a great companion for whatever mode you are on. It is equipped with three performance modes that are easily accessible via Fn+Q: Extreme Performance, Intelligent Cooling, and Battery Saving Mode. Not only is the Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH, but it is also adaptable! Have I mentioned? It is powered by 11th Gen Intel Core i5 and runs on Windows 10.

Now, have you made up your mind about Lenovo ThinkBook 15P IMH? I sure have! My hands-on experience with the laptop has been satisfying due to its strong features and sleek design.

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