Have you checked your calendars yet, Bingers? It os almost 11.11 and it only means one thing: SALE! Whether you are looking for a new phone or a new shirt, I’ve got some good news for you! Lazada, the leading online shopping site, is having their biggest sale yet on 11.11, Monday, where big discounts and promos are in store for us! Ready to fill your cart? Give us 2 mins because I will be sharing with you the other cool things Lazada has up their sleeves on 11.11!

The World of Lazada

Bingers, I am pretty sure this has also been a habit of yours to mark 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12. And we are right for doing so! Online shops give us huge sales and discounts during this dates. Lazada, the #1 e-Commerce platform however, is making this their biggest sale yet! Excited? Because I am. As a matter of fact, I already checked out my cart and yes, I enjoyed big discounts. Before you go shopping, I want to share with you how it has been easier and more fun to shop with the app!

Scan it! Have you ever saw an item while walking at the street and wanted to have it too? You can have it two ways: ask a stranger or take a photo of the item. With Image Scan, Lazada now made it possible to identify an item on their site by simply taking a photo of the item that you want!

Girls, are you on the lookout for a new makeup? You have probably been checking Lazada for hours now for that tint that will match your skin tone! Sometimes it can be tricky, right? It may look good on photo but not in person. Well, Lazada solved that problem for you with Magic Mirror. This feature which uses Lazada’s AR technology lets you test L’Oreal make ups on the spot! Head on over to the app to see it for yourself.

Shop and Games

We all know Lazada as an app for online shopping. Recently, though, they proved that they are more than that! There are now games inside the app where we can win vouchers and coins. With the in-app game LazCity Wonderland, we can now create a virtual city of brands and win vouchers along the way.

If you are into more quirky games, discover Moji-Go! This uses facial recognition which will let you win coins and vouchers! Simply match your facial expressions to what appear on the screen! This 11.11, Lazada is making sure that the shopping experience is more than just spending and giving in to our wants!

As I promised, I am going to keep it short and that I will because I want you to get your carts filled now! Up to 95% discounts throughout the day are in store from local and international shops and brands! On top of that, better Brand Mega Offers are available from their partners.

So, ready to shop, Bingers? What are you putting in your carts? 😂

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